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dominic doyle
Rugby fanatic, Android enthusiast, IT project management, believer in earth's greatest peace project (EU). So it goes.
Rugby fanatic, Android enthusiast, IT project management, believer in earth's greatest peace project (EU). So it goes.

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+Google Play I'm trying to buy a google device and ship to another EU country and your device store doesn't allow me to do this. Why? Its very frustrating.

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I was there in 2000 and was privileged to be there again last night to bid farewell to #bod. 

Just had a google account disabled. The day before I had upgraded to CM 10.2 and installed gapps on a galaxy S3 i9300. I've contacted Google to unblock the account. Anyone else?

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How will SOB's injury affect his negotiations with the IRFU? If the IRFU play hard ball and reduce their offer the window may become open to the French clubs to fill the void and take advantage of any ill feeling. Praying that himself and Jamie sign up soon.

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There's a whole Erasmus generation out there. It just started when I was studying (1988-1991) and so unfortunately I didn't take the plunge.
After 25 years of success Erasmus expands to Erasmus+

Since 1987 over 3,000,000 European students have studied abroad through the EU’s Erasmus programme. The original Erasmus programme covers work experience placements and academic exchange but the new programme will soon expand to cover more work training, loans for Master’s degrees, volunteering and sport. The EU will fund Erasmus+ with an overall budget of €14.5 billion for the period 2014-2020. 4 million people are expected to benefit.

You might be one of them. ALDE Press release : with +Morten Løkkegaard.

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Google now updated with live rugby scores. Fantastic!

I'm patiently waiting for my nexus 5 to arrive. Does it come with headphones? If so are they any good? Thanks

How to get BBC Wales on a sky box including free view. Haven't tried it but will give it a go later.


Press services button on sky remote
Go to add channels
change frequency to 10788
polaristation to  V 
symbol rate to 22
FEC to 5/6

Then press the yellow button (find channels)
Find BBC W and press yellow button to add channels

press select

to view channel, 

Press services
Go to other channels
BBC W is now on this list
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