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NEUMOND in KREBS (= SONNE auf 02 °46'  KREBS & MOND auf 02°46' KREBS) (G.O.D., the WHITE HOUSE and the MARS-JUPITER-PLUTO T-Square) * = General Of Disaster/Destruction SOME STABILITY? CURIOSITY & JOY? ** and MANIPULATION & EXCESS? * * = Newmoon is in ST...

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** S+P Worldnews: Ex-Chancellor HELMUT KOHL dies under SUN-SATURN Opposition (and...)*
Ex-Chancellor (of Germany) HELMUT KOHL dies on FR/16-JUN-2017 (in the morning; exact Time unknown to me) under a SUN-SATURN Opposition AND whilst JUPITER is activating HIS SUN-SATURN Square! So this is what I call a 'PIMPER': This is a special form of TRANS...

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** S+P Worldnews: The Alexandria Shooting near WH/Washington DC (MARS and PLUTO again...)*
The ALEXANDRIA Shooting (Steve SCALISE nearly dead) What Happened at the Shooting at a Congressional Baseball Practice - The New York Times : 14-JUN-2017 at 07h09m in ALEXANDRIA/VA (Opposite Washington/DC) MARS near ASCENDENT and PLUTO near DESCENDENT as SO...

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* S+P Worldnews: London/Grenfell Tower fire - Death toll rises to 17 but 'no more survivors' (via BBC News)

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** S+P Worldnews: Terrific happy 71. Bonkers-day to the TOMATO with SAUERKRAUT-TOPPING!!!*
Ladies and Gentlemen: IT'S INTERNATIONAL BONKERS DAY! Today a man called 'Donald Trump' (some think he's the 'president' of the UUSA! Woahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!) is getting 71 yrs. old! But you know what? - He might soon be DEAD IN BED! His 71. Birthday Chart (c...

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** S+P Worldnews: On BONKERS-Day (14-JUN-2017/BDAY of DJ COVFEFE TRUMP) there is SLAUGHTER IN THE AIR!*
Soon it will be world-wide BONKERS-DAY! (On 14-JUN-2017 - the 71. BDay of a being called Donald J. 'Covfefe' TRUMP - which is actually an unimportant REAL-ESTATE HEINIE who is a lousy LOSER and a shabby LIER; some say he's the POTUS... I say he's the AOTUS!...

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** S+P Worldnews - ☼ VOLLMOND in ZWILLINGE ☼ (FR/09-JUN-2017 um 20h09m CE(S)T/ME(S)Z) Mit MARKT & GOLD-Analysen*
VOLLMOND in ZWILLINGE/SCHÜTZE a m /09-JUN-2017 (= SONNE auf 18 °53'  ZWILLINGE & MOND auf 18°53' SCHÜTZE) (TEXT: BITTE UNTEN AN DEN HOROSKOP-GRAFIKEN LESEN!) (VERFASST ZWISCHEN DEM 07 bis 09-JUN-2017) H eute (FR/09-JUN-2017 um 20h09m CE(S)T/ME(S)Z) ist scho...

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* S+P Worldnwes: Chart for the 'Turin Stampede' of 03-JUN-2017 (Data via Wikipedia) (and TRUMP!)

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** S+P Worldnews: The WORST DAYS for Donald TRUMP in JUNE-2017*
The WORST DAYS for Donald TRUMP in JUNE-2017:  DJ TRUMP and the Planets in JUNE-2017 His worst days are likely to be between 07-18 of JUNE-2017 ! The SUN will be placed 'badly' to HIS Sun-Uranus-Moon-Node Conjunction/Opposition - since this Sun is going to...

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*S+P Worldnews: The LONDON BRIDGE/BOROUGH MARKET Attack in LONDON on 03-JUN-2017 (with Event Chart!)
7 killed and about 48 hospitalized in latest UK-Terrorist-Attack (On 03-JUN-2017 at exactly 22h07m LT/BST - at leat according to Police and BBC!) (And YEP: IF time is correct, we have nearly EXACTLY the same 'picture' again, as we had in MANCHESTER! It's ne...
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