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A Moment Of Realisation

This is the second time I have come across Peter a vagrant near my home town. The first time I spoke with him and he was joking about a lot in regards to my camera. I asked him how he was getting on and he said things were OK as the weather was not too bad then.

This time it was different, the joking has stopped and he finds it harder to laugh when he knows the weather is going to turn worse soon here. He is going to have to find a way to cope with that, someone had given him a portable CD player and headphones and he says the music sometimes keeps his mind off the cold. I think he is going to need more than music, even the god knows how many layers he has on will not help much should the weather get as bad as last year.

Its only when I was sat looking at this image that I can see in his eyes that moment of realisation and how much I feel for him as I'm sat in my nice warm heated office.

One of only a few coloured street portraits that I have.
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