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Competition on marketing choices is what makes your iPhone desirable. By that logic, the simple fact that Apple advertises against the Android platform would make them "Douchebags." If you look at this logically, however, the top of the line Android products have far more superior hardware, that is a fact, not speculation. The Android operating systems also have statistically less bugs, and more productive updates, and usability, which is also a fact. While Iphone's are comparable, the simple fact is that people don't like spending more money for a name. 

So you don't like reading people arguing about which is better? Then I would suggest not posting about something that is trending, that obviously has a competitive market, or asking questions about technology on a social networking site. You can also achieve this by not responding, and stirring the pot. 
The Nexus family is very nice, indeed. I personally am in love with my Samsung Note 10.1, but from what I've seen using the Nexus 7 it is a very fast, and easily utilized mini. 

I can understand your views against uninformed, or inarticulate arguments! I try my best to always display a point, with supporting facts. Very well, spoken +Brooks Northcutt. Tu Chez.  ;)
+Brooks Northcutt I really don't consider myself a fanboy at all. Standards are important in technology. I view iOS like IE6. It was closed and proprietary, and when it arrived it brought innovation which allowed developers to do things very easily which couldn't be done before. However, because of its closed nature, after it stopped innovating, people, developers, and marketing teams still flock to it, even though the hardware and software of Android is pretty far ahead in almost every aspect. Now, many years later, web developers STILL have to go out of their way to support IE6 because so many people and businesses who don't know any better still use it.

Apple doesn't support open standards, and Google is all about open source and open standards. Look at the adapter for the iphone 5, for example. Only Apple products use the Lightning adapter, and Apple control which other products are allowed to. Third party accessory makers will flock to it because of the hype over the iPhone, build in Lightning adapters, which won't work with anything else, and then become obsolete when Apple releases their next greatest "innovation." Apple COULD have just used micro-usb, and automatically had basically every accessory in the world already work with it, but they didn't. Meanwhile, I can use a keyboard and mouse with my Android phone out of the box, and even hook it into a display. It just works.

I fail to see how this makes me a fanboy. On the contrary, I think calling me a douchebag for simply saying Android is a higher standard than iOS is a little closed minded.
I prefer the Nexus 4. It is smoother, faster, and more polished than the iPhone. To say nothing of the features and the ability to run custom ROMs! 

If you still prefer the iPhone, it means you haven't tried the Nexus 4: it's that good.
Timely software updates. Full Android experience. I trust Google more to deliver less bugs and overall better experience.
Sounds like you're gonna use the device quite a lot. Remember every little annoyance builds up over time. Even small stuff can become frustrating over time ;-)
Nexus 7 starts at $199. Is Kindle really significantly cheaper?
Yeah, if you can play with the devices before you make the decision that's the best thing you can do :-)
+Simon Whight you mention the fact that it would cost you a fortune to migrate just to re-buy all the apps... Is that more than $400? Because that's how much cheaper it is compared to the alternative. Worth considering, I say.

Also don't forget that it is amazing out of the box. You don't need to customize it to make it work for you. I haven't rooted or installed ROMs yet, and I am the kind of guy who likes to tinker; it's just that the default settings are quite good...

But yeah to each his own, besides you couldn't buy a Nexus 4 even if you wanted to, so it's not like you could make the switch anyway he he...
+Simon Whight the Nexus 7 starts at £159 for 16GB, £200 for 32GB. No direct conversion here, they really sell them as cheap as possible. Get a Nexus, it is vastly superior to the kindle in every possible way.

Get it from the play store directly, they are cheaper than retailers and they have better customer service.
Flavio, I assume you're talking about the Kindle Fire?
If not...
I have a Nexus 7 ordered pre-release (wish I'd done that with the Nexus 4) and it's AWESOME!!  Seven inches is a little small for magazines though.
I also have a Kindle paperwhite and, while it's useless for magazines, it's the best book reader I've ever seen.  Absolutely brilliant.
Stuart, I absolutely agree that an e-reader is best for e-books (e-ink is so much easier on the eyes), but if you are looking for a small tablet (to use it as a computing, not only reading, device) the Nexus 7 is by far the best at any price.

I have one, and I absolutely love it. It fits into pockets, so I always carry it with me, and the battery life is amazing: 6 hours of screen on time reading PDFs, using email, chrome, watching videos, and editing pictures. Really cool.

It has a major downside though: it turns normal people into annoying Android fanboys!
Sure does ;-)  I have Jellybean 4.2.1 on my Nexus S now too,  Absolutely brilliant.
+Tracy Baker To do that you need to get an Android, which would be like driving your Corvette to Cape Canaveral and taking off on a fancy space ship.
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