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What is Activator?  An Activator is a chiropractic adjusting instrument that was developed in the late 1960’s.  The technique becomes more popular as research demonstrates that we do have to do all that “twisting and cracking” to realign the vertebrae to their proper positions.  With a quick, gentle thrust of the Activator instrument, the vertebra is moved just as much as if we were to manually adjust it back into place.  It is the speed of the instrument in such a small concentrated surface area that creates the force.  Researchers have continued to make improvements in the instrument itself over the past 45 years to create a reliable, repeatable thrust with each adjustment.  The previous four Activators used a spring to achieve the force.  However, with advanced technology, the new Activator V was developed and released in 2012.  This instrument is the first cordless, electrical adjusting instrument in the world.  It is battery operated and uses a solenoid to create the thrust instead of a spring.  This new mechanism allows the body to absorb 94% of the force created, compared to 76% with the previous version.   This is called transmissibility.  This means the patient will get a better adjustment.  
The Activator can be used on all patients large and small.  It is a great option for people who do not like the idea of having their necks twisted around.  It is also ideal for kids, pregnant women, and those with osteopenia/osterporosis who require lighter force.  
Dr. Craig Koshlap specialized in the Activator Technique.   He holds an Advanced Proficiency rating and is an Associate Clinical Instructor with Activator Methods International.  He helps teach the technique to students and other chiropractors.  

Please come visit us at to learn more about our gentle chiropractic techniques. 
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