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predictably inconsistent.
predictably inconsistent.

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Things About Being 40
Everyone kept telling me that it wasn't a big deal and that I wouldn't feel any different once I turned 40. Everyone is a liar. My parents sent me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and do you know what I got? Dental floss and a LAP DESK. A lap desk like t...

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Things About Frank
This morning I decided to start a juice cleanse. The explanation for this is a long and boring story with outcomes that nobody wants to read about so I am just going to skip ahead, except I think it's important to note that THIS MORNING I decided I was goin...

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Things About Time
"The trouble is, you think you have time..."  -Buddha Once, they were all baby monsters... It's not just that I am T-minus four minutes from being forty. OK, maybe it is mostly that. But I can't shake this sense of time lately. How brief it is. How fast it ...

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Things That Imperfectionists Shouldn't Do
I am very, very good at doing things. Granted, those things are often done less than perfectly, which nine times out of ten is just fine for Real Life and Getting By and you know, Survival, which has pretty much been my mode of existence for the last 22 yea...

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Things About Control (or lack thereof)
Turns out, there are very few things over which I have any level of control. Turns out, this is true most of all when it comes to the people I love. My span of ACTUAL control goes about as far as what I am eating for breakfast... and even then I have to won...

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Things About Plans
I used to be really good at laughing at All the Things that didn't go as planned in Life - which happened to consistently be All the Things. Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost this skill, even though All of the Things in Life still do not go as pla...

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Things About Therapy
Because I am a spoiled white girl living in a developed country, I have been having a little bit of a rough time lately. Because I am a spoiled white girl living in a developed country I also have an entire library of self-help books, feel-good movies, medi...

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Things about Things about Things
Ok, so here's the thing. I have been doing a lot of soul searching, ruminating, philosophizing, reading All The Right books and talking to All The Right People. Recently, a Very Important Person loaned me a book which most of you have probably already read ...

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Things That Should Be Better
My parents did a good job teaching me a lot of important life lessons as I was growing up. Things like: "life isn't fair"; "do unto others..."; "do or do not, there is no try" and "it sucks to be you!" (except we don't say sucks). I think one of the most im...

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Things About the Rain
A long time ago, I wrote another blog called  Things About Rain , which has nothing whatsover to do with the rain that I am thinking about today and therefore feels completely fine skating dangerously close to a recirculated title. I actually had to look it...
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