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If i can give this place no stars, I would - but unfortunately, 1 star is the least I can do here. Bought a groupon for this place a few months ago, and scheduled an appointment. Given - this isn't their fault, as I'm sure there was some form of miscommunication in place. I had the massage down for a certain date, they thought it was another date; and of course it happens to be the week where I've been totally ill & didn't pick up on any of my calls. Anyone who's pregnant knows how miserable you feel when you're pregnant AND sick at the same time. They got in touch with me, and I HATE HATE HATE HATE rude customer service. I don't care if you've been trying to get in touch with me and haven't been able to - I probably deserved the first 2 times you reprimanded me on the phone about it. BUT if you're going to repeat yourself about 7 times saying the SAME thing - I'm now LIVID, annoyed. I said to the woman, can we get past this and reschedule this appt because I obviously don't have it down as today while you do. Her answer, yes - proceeded to reprimand me for the 8th time. And when I said, Ok, so now can we reschedule this? Her answer, no, i need to talk to someone else, and click hung up on me. WHAT the hell kind of customer service is this? Is this lady kidding me? Since when do businesses hang up on customers, or yell at them while they're on the phone. I have a voucher that's worth $75 from this place but if this is how their customer is before I even step through their doors; what should I expect when I'm actually there. I would stay far far far away from this place unless you want to be reprimanded by their customer service team members like 5 year olds.
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