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Why was the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Autocephalous?
When I was a little girl, I often visited my grandparents in St Paul Minnesota, and attended services at their church, St Michaels Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  The church was part of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church. To me, the term autocephalous ...

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The Sich Society
The Koshuba family in Butsniv, Galicia.  Joseph, in the second row has a Sich sash There are several photographs of my ancestors wearing sashes.  Their children and grandchildren had no idea  why the person was swearing the sash or what the sash meant. I ha...

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The Story of Four Churches in NorthEast Minneapolis
This post is about Ukrainian immigrants to Minneapolis, Minnesota and their efforts to establish a place of worship in one specific area of the city, Northeast Minneapolis.  The first Ukrainians came to Minneapolis in the 1878 from the Austrian-Hungarian Em...

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Easter is coming--It's time for Ukrainian Easter Eggs!
This post is a reprise of two posts from last year.  Please enjoy.  What do the colors, designs and symbols mean?  Clink on the link below to find out. Pysanky Decoded My grandmother, Pauline Rychly Koshuba in the late 1930's My mother, Julia Koshuba Noznic...

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Peasant Children. painting by Vladimir Makovskiy 1890 Serfdom in Russia was very much like serfdom in the Polish-Lithuanian
Confederation, but it developed and ended later in Russia than it did in
Poland. Serfs were tied to the land, expected to work a spec...

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Celebrating Ukrainian Christmas in Canada 1942.--Don't Miss this one.
 Christmas is over, but this u-tube video is too good to miss, or save for next year. It was made in Manitoba, Canada in 1942.  A Ukrainian-Canadian family goes through the preparations for Christmas and the whole holiday season.  The grandmother came from ...

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Kristallnacht--One Boy's Story
Late afternoon, Trier Germany,  November 9, 1938 . There was a bang on the door on the Klepper home.  Outside were 5-6 young men in their late teens and early twenties who  pushed Otille Klepper aside and barged in. Her husband wasn't home, she was alone wi...

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Ternopil', Ternopol, Tarnopol.
 Old postcard view of Ternopil' Ukraine Ternopil', a city in Western Ukraine is my subject--why did I choose
this city?  First of all, although none of my ancestors lived in
Ternopil', most of them came from villages near this city, as did many
other Ukr...

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The Kristallnacht: One Boy's Story revisited.
Monday, November 9 is the seventy-seventh anniversary of Kristallnacht, the beginning of the Holocaust.  This post is in remembrance of the night that changed life for Jews in Germany and Europe. Late in the
afternoon in Trier Germany,  November 9, 1938, t...

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