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Go Greene Go!
One of the most rewarding things
I have been a part of during my time with Creation Health is serving on the
Greene County Health Council. Because of our work in the community over the
past four years, we were recently recognized by the White House as a “Le...

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Are You Living Creation Healthy?
As you know by now, CREATION is an acronym and each letter principle affects our overall health and well-being. C is for Choice, R - Rest, E - Environment, A - Activity, T - Trust, I -Interpersonal Relationships, O - Outlook and N - Nutrition. Click HERE an...

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5 Fun Ways to Stay Active as a Family!
During the month of May, my coaches and I are promoting I - Interpersonal Relationships. Last month, we focused on A - Activity. A social support system is as vital to our overall health and well-being as staying active, implementing good nutrition and gett...

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Making An Impact
As always, Creation Health is apart of many different things all across the community! Here are a few things we have been involved over the past few months... First off, we have had the privilege of working with the fabulous kiddos of the GMS Devils on the ...

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Trail Life
This gorgeous weather we've been having has me thinking about our beautiful trail! I love seeing people enjoying it, there are so many from our community who take advantage of it. Here are a few pictures that people have sent to me recently or that I have c...

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Outlook Impacts Choice
Choice is the first step toward improving your well-being. Before we can achieve positive changes in any area of our lives, we must first choose to do so. Conscious decision-making is key to experiencing the positive impact of good choices. Every day, often...

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Devils On The Go
Last week after school, I had the privilege of speaking to the Devils On The Go students @ GMS, giving them an overview of the CREATION acronym principles C - Choice, R - Rest, E - Environment, A - Activity, T - Trust, I - Interpersonal Relationships, O - O...

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Tiger Times Fun
I have once again been given the opportunity to be a part of the Tiger Times program @ Tusculum View for the 3rd straight year. From January through May, I will be spending 2 afternoons a month with these awesome kiddos, teaching them the CREATION acronym p...

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And That's a Wrap
Somehow 2016 flew away without me wrapping everything up and placing a nice little bow on top. Pun intended. In fact, as I look back over the blog, there are so many things I forgot to tell you about. No worries though, here is a quick synopsis since you la...

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Nature Trail Contest Winners!
to Rachel Macon in Takoma Admissions for winning our Creation Health Nature Trail
walking contest! Rachel walked the trail 110 times in 3 months, winning a Fit
Bit which she plans to give to her husband for his birthday! Way to go, Rachel! C...
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