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Paul Kendrick
An educator just bumbling along trying to make a difference
An educator just bumbling along trying to make a difference

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Acceptable Use Policy - G+ Hangouts.

 I am planning on starting a series of G+ hangouts with my students ti aygment their classroom studies and was wondering if anyone had an Acceptable Use Policy/Guideline? My students are all over the age of 16 and the hangouts will be isolated to our school GAfE domain.

Any guidance would be gratefully accepted.

Kind Regards

Hi all,
  I am looking for a solution to the timed essay exam practice dilemma.  I am reluctant to use valuable classroom time for this kind of exercise, but I do appreciate its importance.  Any suggestions as to how I can set this kind of work for homework?  Timed document access or similar, I could look at the revision history for each essay but would prefer a slicker approach if anyone knows of one.

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Can anyone help solve this problem.

I am trying to embed a Powtoon presentation into a website with no joy.  I am using the generated embed code from Powtoon and I think I am falling fowl of a http to https mismatch in the iframe.  Does anyone know how I might solve this?


(Sat01) Factual comparison of IE to Google Chrome

I am looking for a non technical comparison of IE with Google Chrome as a default browser.  I know there are lots of opinions regarding this, I have my own, but what I need is a factual non technical comparison.

On January 6th I will be starting a new job teaching Sociology and Psychology to groups of high achieving 16-18 year olds at a rural sixth form college (total 500 students).  Psychology is the largest subject within the college and I won the opportunity to teach on the basis of my understanding of evolving approaches to to the use of web applications within the classroom.  The college in question has access to GaFE, but this has never been exploited, mainly due to a lack of knowledge regarding the opportunities.  It is my intention to build a class site pulling together a range of applications.

My formative concept for this site is based around using a tool such as SpicyNodes, this would be embedded into a Google site as a homepage.  The nodes would then be specific to each group of students e.g. Class1, Class2 etc, subnodes would then be topic specific.  The subtopic nodes would then use link to subpages using a range of web applications, such as, to create interactive content.

These webpages would be backed up by the the use of Google Docs for assignments and assessments.

The college currently uses IE as its default browser and my first challenge will be to present a non-technical argument for changing this to Chrome.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received, either in relation to the browser issues or my concept as a whole.

Thank you.

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One of the paradoxes of modern technology.

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(Fri01) Very good, succinct explanation regarding the benefits of google docs.

A well written and succinct explanation of how Google Docs can be used to improve the student writing process.

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I have tried this option in Google Scholar and the first thing that strikes me is that, as far as I can see, there is no option to share My Library in Google Scholar.  This seems a little strange bearing in mind that most Google products are shareable.  I think that introducing a sharing option for My Library would add immense benefits.

Remember the reading lists you were given as a student?  What if the first time you logged into your GaFE account all the reading material you required for that unit had been organised for you, what if you could add to that list articles that you had found that you felt your fellow students and your lecturer might benefit from?

Am I alone in thinking that shared Library listings in Google Scholar would be very useful?

It is of course possible that I missed this option, but I don't think it is there.
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