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Me as The Lord Voldemort. 😁

Chetan Bhagat(8M) has more followers than George R R Martin(799K) on Twitter. Somehow Google + seemed appropriate platform for this fact. 

You can divide infinity an infinite number of times, and the resulting pieces will still be infinitely large. But if you divide a non infinite number an infinite number of times the resulting pieces are non-infinitely small. Since they are non-infinitely small, but an infinite number of them, if you add them back together, their sum is infinite. This implies any number is, in fact, infinite. 

Hi, I just installed this rom on xiaomi redmi2 121xxx18 and it is working very smoothly. There is just one problem. Whenever I dial a number screen goes completely dark and remains dark until call is disconnected. So i can't even disconnect call on my own as screen is dark.

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