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Among the Last Sacrifices
John D. Gillespie was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, not too far outside of Philadelphia. Little is known about his formative years, but the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself in 1861 when Gillespie was only 17 years old. War had broken out a...

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Brandy Station Photo Tour
A strangely warm Saturday in late February is the perfect time to tour Brandy Station, but there's never a bad time when Bud Hall is involved. This post will take you on a photo journey around the Brandy Station battlefield in Culpeper County, Virginia save...

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The Story of Ferdinand Fobes
Some regiments from the Civil War
need no introductory eulogy. The mere name is testament enough to the
sacrifices made and the record of battle. One such unit is the 105th Ohio
Volunteer Infantry. Another is the 22nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry. From Belmo...

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That Dreaded Letter
On May 11, 1863, Private Daniel C. Holloway of Company D, 148th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry sent this letter to his mother and a family friend in Aaronsburg, Centre County, Pennsylvania from the general hospital at Brook Station, Virginia.  His unnamed ...

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INSIDE GETTYSBURG - Christ Lutheran Church
In today's post, Dr. Mock shares with us some of the stories associated with Christ Lutheran Church on Chambersburg Street...

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INSIDE GETTYSBURG - The Catherine Foster House
For today's post I would like to introduce you to, not only one of my best friends, but one of the most knowledgeable historians on the town of Gettysburg during the 1863 Pennsylvania Campaign, Dr. Steve Mock.  He is also one of the best story-tellers I hav...

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History in Artifacts - The Cost of War
This simple pay receipt may not seem like much, but it proves just
how efficient the Army of the Potomac had become by December of 1862 and
how much the sacrifice of one soldier cost in terms United States
dollars.  This pay receipt was issued to First S...
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