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I have freezing and lock problem since upgrading to Lollipop (I'm at 5.1.1 now).

Sometime, at any apps, it stops working, freeze for 2-5 secs, and then working again for 1-3 secs before the phone automatically lock and goes to lockscreen. I have to unlock and then it usually working normally. It happens 3-7x/day.

I use Nova as my launcher and use finger print lock. I don't know whether these have any correlation.

Anyone has the same problem and have solve the problem? 

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pokeballs flat walls
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Ini gokil! 

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Menarik. Billions USD revenues with only some scrap millions of profit. 
Exactly how long is long-term?

We, I, love Amazon. I not only buy products from them, I also store data there, I have a merchant account, have a Kindle Fire (don't love it), so much more. Love them.

Jeff Bezos has an incredible focus on long-term success, rightly so. And he is brave to do so because as you look around, even companies in strong cash positions like Facebook, people bow to quarterly wall street expectations.

But looking at this graph made me wonder, what does Jeff, or anyone, mean by long-term. The yellow line shows that Amazon has never made money (or pathetic amounts). Yet Revenue keeps growing because of Mr. Bezos' aggressive growth/new biz strategy.

Sixteen years later, there is still no money. So if you were sitting in 1997 would 16 years have been long-term? Or 25 years? Or 100? And should current shareholders have to wait 100 years to get returns? Is it possible for Amazon to be perpetually a revenue growth company and never make money? And is that ok?

These are hard questions. Amazon's stock is doing every well, off the blue line below. But the stock price is a reflection of future earnings, yellow line. At some point that has got to pick up beyond zero.

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Nice recap 
Hi there, I see that people in other G+ communities really loved this little summary of Google's I/O keynote, so maybe you will like it as well!   #io13

Somehow I'm happy Google didn't announce a major update for Android. The pace of major update had been too quick.

With Android matured enough, it's time for phone maker to catch up with the latest Jelly Bean. There is no more reason not to!

Google Maps owned the #io2013  keynote?

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Penjelasan singkat and jelas

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Game mantab buat selingan exam preparation!
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