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Literary+ - A marketing initiative for indie authors.
Literary+ - A marketing initiative for indie authors.

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We know that discussion and engagement is very important to a good social media presence. This blog goes into some things to consider when forming a discussion.

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Today +Shen Hart talks about introverted authors and their approach to marketing their books. 

Introverts tend to find it far more difficult to marketing their books than extroverts. As noted in one of the #litplusmarketing  snippets, they can benefit from working as part of a group with fellow authors. That provides them with a number of benefits including reaching new potential readers as well as a safety net. 

Read more on the blog post. 

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Today we touch on target audience and the complexity of finding it in the blog post over on the L+ blog. 

This is a complex and indepth topic. At first it appears to be rather simple, the author’s target audience are those who will read, buy and enjoy their book/s. Then, the author starts considering the various layers to this. Who exactly would enjoy the book? Why? How hard are they to reach? How do I go about reaching them?

They are all questions the author should ask themselves.

Understanding your target audience is a complex and indepth thing. It often scares and confuses authors, but it's essential to your marketing campaign as a whole. 

The site has been updated, the blog has been tidied up and we'll be back into a regular posting schedule by the end of the week. 

Don't forget to check the #litplusmarketing  for hints and tips too!

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After something of a break, we will be back to full function very soon. In the mean time, we suggest that you watch the series of videos Shen Hart made on marketing for Indie authors. 


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The 2nd of the 3 Literary+ Christmas giveaways is now live! You just have to comment on the post telling us why you should win all 19 e-books for a chance to win. 

It is down to public vote, so don't forget to vote!

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There are less than 36 hours left on the first of our Christmas giveaways! All you have to do is comment on the blog telling us why you love Indie authors. 

There are 19 e-books up for grabs. The winner will take home all 19!

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Due to our fearless leader being ill, the 2 G+ based giveaways have been postponed until next week.

The giveaway on the blog will run as scheduled, ending on Saturday. 

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As we're now in the build up to Christmas #literaryplus  are doing 3 giveaways! 

You have a chance to win 19 e-books, each written by one of our members. The first giveaway is taking place on our blog. Just tell us why you love indies for a chance to win!
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