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It's been a long time since I did not have posted some news about pantheon debian. I'll always try to maintain it on my free time, but is not, unfortunately, very abundant. Well since, my provider has closed my previous repository and I had to find another one. Then I pleased to announce the new repository which only contains for now the pantheon packages from elementary Loki release for stretch (testing) debian release.
You can found the instructions to install it here http://gandalfn.ovh

If you have installed the packages from my previous repository you can force the installation, with apt pin to install the new ones. To do that create a file in /etc/apt/preferences.d like:
$> vi /etc/apt/preferences.d/pantheon-debian

and fill it with this rules:
Package: *
Pin: origin "gandalfn.ovh"
Pin-Priority: 1001

before launch the apt-get dist-upgrade

You can continue to get, follow and fill bug for each debian packages on gitlab repository https://gitlab.com/groups/pantheon-debian

To finish the mandatory screenshot ;)

Have fun
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+Maxim Taranov no problems with Gtk 3.22, but don't install glib >= 2.50.1, newer glib can break gvfs and linked apps
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