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Bill Fellows
Awesome, awesome-coated awesomeness with awesome-filling
Awesome, awesome-coated awesomeness with awesome-filling

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Playing audio via Biml
Playing audio via Biml How often do you need to play audio while you're compiling your Biml packages? Never? Really? Huh, just me then. Very well, chalk this blog post as one to show you that you really can do anything in Biml that you can do in C#. When ...

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What packages still use Configuration?
What packages still use Configurations? I'm sitting in Tim Mitchell's excellent "Deep Dive into the SSISDB session" and someone asked how they can figure out what packages use the classic deployment model's Configuration option. Create an SSIS package. Add ...

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Debugging Biml
Debugging Biml At this point, I don't even know who to give credit for on this tip/trick as I've seen it from so many luminaries in the field. This mostly applies to BimlScript debugging within the context of BIDS Helper / BimlExpress . Using tooling is alw...

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UNION removes duplicates
UNION removes duplicates When you need to combine two sets of data together, we use the UNION operator. That comes in two flavors: UNION and UNION ALL. The default is to remove duplicates between the two sets whereas UNION ALL does no filtering. Pop quiz! G...

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Generating a workload for AdventureWorks
Just a quick note, if you need to generate some database activity, Jonathan Keyhayias has the The AdventureWorks2008R2 Books Online Random Workload Generator that works "fine enough" for AdventureWorks2014. Run.ps1 I modified line 5 to point to my server an...

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Resolving the Biml project level connection manager issue
Biml connection manager ids broken Well, it's not quite that dire but it sure can seem like it. You build out N packages that use project level connection managers and all is well and good until you open them up and they're all angry with red Xs in them. O...

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Generating an SSISDB dacpac
Generating an SSISDB DACPAC Creating a DACPAC is easy * . Within SSMS, you simply select the database node, Tasks, Extract Data-Tier Application. I had need to get a database reference to the SSISDB for some reporting we were building out so I clicked along...

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Biml adoption routes
Biml adoption routes One of the reasons I like using Biml to generate SSIS packages is that that is no "wrong" approach to doing so. Instead, the usage and adoption of Biml should be tailored to the individual, team or organization that is using it. Despite...

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What table raised the error in SSIS?
Can I find the name of the table in SSIS that threw an error on insert? There is a rich set of tables and views available in the SSISDB that operate as a flight recorder for SSIS packages as they execute. Markus Ehrenmüller ( t ) had a great question in Sla...

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Biml Hero Training, Day 1
In June of 2013, I created my first SSIS package with Biml. Three years later, I have come so far except that today was my first day of Biml Hero training. Holy cow there's a lot I have yet to learn. While I can't go into the details of the training due to ...
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