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Don't get caught up answering the wrong, big question. #ContentMarketing  is based around "What do I want to achieve?" not "What should I make?" This #ContentPlanning  guide will help you identify and answer all the little questions that lead to the right, big answer.

WARNING: Blatant self-promotion!

Please check out my #sxsw session: The Content Marketing Art of War. And if you're compelled... vote, too?

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Using Instagram (and Twitter, Tumblr, and more) to tell a story with data. A case study of the IBM MobileFirst Datagrams. #contentmarketing  #infographics #data 

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I'd like to help you out. Which way did you come in?

Context — knowing where people are coming from and where they're going — is as important to the success of content marketing as the quality of the content.

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On airports and content marketing...

“The Moment of Need” and “The Next-Most-Likely Action.” These phrases are about establishing context. In essence, they are the arrivals and departures of a content marketing strategy.

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How does +CENTERLINE DIGITAL create all the amazing content so quickly? We use the products and services of one of our clients — +IBM — to speed analysis and rendering. Our CEO Charles Long spoke at IBM Edge earlier this week to detail some of the tech behind achieving Accountable Creative. Here's a peak:

What fuels content marketing? It's not design for design's sake. It's not "cool hunting." It IS Accountable Creative.

You can't be going after the quick “look at me!” You have to deliver powerful stories that resonate with your audience at a deeper level. It’s the “Wow, these people really get me” cool rather than the “Wow, that was really fun to watch; now I can get back to what I was doing” cool.

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Assume users have a raging headache. Then ask yourself, “Am I making it worse?” When I have a headache, complex thinking turns the clamp around my skull two notches tighter. Users shouldn’t need to invest an abundance of time or brainpower to make sense of where to find stuff. (In fact, they won’t. They’ll split.)

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My big Google Plus complaint: I can't combine this + account with my other one... which is unfortunate since I'm active there but not here.

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