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Sam “Betty” McKoy

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Was there a webinar called 'Continuous Development and Deployment with Telerik Sitefinity' last week? I appear to have missed it (due to it being at 5am), but it doesn't appear to be on the normal post recording list (
A crucial element of any web development strategy is the extensibility of the platform. CMS platforms provide out-of-the-box features that alone enable the development of powerful websites. But to be truly valuable, they must offer extension points for custom content creation, increased functionality, and control over presentation. This webinar will demonstrate key areas of CMS extensibility to support web project requirements for today and tomo...
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0-40: Overview of Continuous Delivery (nothing Sitefinity Specific)
40: Source Control Tips
46: Database Versioning vs Backup
48: DLLs vs Source Control
50: Deployment - Web Deploy + Some Code Sync (I think?)
54: Manual
56:NLB Deployments
59: Site sync
60: A couple of questions

Overall fairly dissapointing, nothing was very sitefinity specific and at no point did I see anything happening on checkin meaning it's not really continous.  It's nice to see Telerik starting to think about this type of thing but I'm guessing I wasn't really the target of this talk.

I'd like to see Sitefinity take on a config via migrations style that lets me delete my database and get back to the same place I was within seconds (meaning I can deploy and upgrade any environment).  I know the API exists but it's not quite at a level that could do the above yet.  (At the very least a massive export/import tool would be at least a start).

(Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of code sync or site sync)
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Has anyone run Sitefinity in Azure Cloud Services before?  I know that search doesn't work and you can't update the config files after deploy but I was wondering if anyone had any more insights/experience with it.

Specifically I'm wondering if it's possible to use the Autoscaling ability due to Sitefinities need to have the server urls in the config (presuming for cache clearing - which I dont' think works in azure anyway)
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That seems similar to my experiences so far, I've just seen a number of people claim it to be rather fast in various forum posts which confused me.
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Sam “Betty” McKoy

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Automatically create NuGet packages for TFS dlls
I write a number of TFS Plugins meaning I end up referencing all sorts of TFS assemblies, this entails trawling through the various client a...
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Sam “Betty” McKoy

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Did i mention my sister rocks?
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Has anyone tried any of the new Azure compatible search providers?

Had a quick look at Azure Search but at $250 a month it seems a tad too expensive for a website.

Elastic search on the other hand seems to require a dedicated VM (couldn't find information on how to run it as a website) which isn't ideal either.  Maybe there's a SAAS version that's reasonably priced?
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Currently trying to get Elastic Search runnable as a Web Job which will reduce costs immensely.  There's a few code changes needed to Elastic Search which I'm working through with their developers.
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Has anyone tried replacing the built in html5 video player with a simple <video> tag instead of using the rad media player?
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It is totally custom. Picking a video from the library is not that hard as Sitefinity Thunder can generate the code for the designer. It will pass the video GUID and with that's it's easy to get the Media URL of the video.
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Grabbed iTap to help my wifes transition from iOS. She loved it for the first 20 minutes, until she tried switching back to Chinese and realised it didn't seem to support it.

Back to searching I guess.
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+Ivica J. Also, make sure your running a legitimate copy downloaded from Google Play. There are pirated copies of this software out there that are old and contain viruses.

There is also another app of the same name in the market, so make sure your requesting support from the right developer.
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Has anyone seen a solution that lets you add users to the search index? They aren't IContent so you can't add them to the default search pipe.  SitefinityProfiles are IContent but they throw a null ref exception if you add them and try index.

Type : System.NullReferenceException, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089
Message : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Source : Unity_ILEmit_DynamicClasses
Help link : 
Data : System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal
TargetSite : System.Collections.IEnumerable GetItems(System.Type, System.String, System.String, Int32, Int32)
HResult : -2147467261
Stack Trace :    at DynamicModule.ns.Wrapped_OpenAccessProfileProvider_0160039c96084070b20c6ad65ed42976.GetItems(Type itemType, String filterExpression, String orderExpression, Int32 skip, Int32 take)
   at Telerik.Sitefinity.Data.ManagerBase`1.GetItems(Type itemType, String filterExpression, String orderExpression, Int32 skip, Int32 take)
   at Telerik.Sitefinity.Publishing.Pipes.ContentInboundPipe.GetProviderItems(SitefinityContentPipeSettings contentSettings, Boolean addaptFilterExpression, IManager manager, Type contentType)
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Good question.  Subscribed.
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Has anyone figured out a nice way to filter news widgets by user preferences? I'd like to allow users to pick a bunch of categories they're interested in and only show those on the majority of widgets.

I could write a custom control that does this filtering, but I'm looking for a slightly more out of the box solution (if possible).
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Anyone know if there's something like the IProductExpressionFilter for other modules?
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Sam “Betty” McKoy

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Perry Lorier originally shared:
Alexander decided to write a screensaver. Yes, that's right, it creates 18 quake bots and lets you spectate all of them. At once.
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