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Dennis Bareis
Good lookin bloke :-)
Good lookin bloke :-)

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This is a great Chrome Browser Extension, better than "read it later" services etc.

EmailThis will remove ads & distractions from the page and send you a beautifully formatted email with just the text and images. You can read the email anytime you like, anywhere you like - on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Very interesting, given the probable shortage of jobs in the near future something like this will either come in or we'll have many a revolution.
The Cost of Universal Basic Income Is Less Than You Might Think

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How a Gold Coast photographer captured a shark feeding frenzy - via @abcnews

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Huge knitting needles or vampire stakes? I saw these at the Australian Sheep Show in Bendigo.

I think Buffy would like these! They aren't even the biggest we saw, I suspect Bendigo has a serious vampire problem.

I'm trying to create a watch face with 2.0 complications, I read that the complications can be repositioned with tags but if I look at "" it only has "{m1text}" and others listed without any context. None of the listed tags is about positioning complications.

I used the watch to add a complication in its default location (which is no good for my watch), how do I tell watchmaker where I really want it positioned?

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The last one is too easy :-)

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Yep that's it alright :-)

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Best screenshot tool I've ever used.

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I could watch these sorts of videos forever, evolution is amazing.
Motor protein traversing a microtubule

Kinesin is a motor protein found in eukaryotic cells that helps transport cargo during critical cellular functions such as mitosis and meiosis. This animation depicts the proposed "hand-over-hand" walking mechanism by which the protein traverses a microtubule while carrying a cargo vesicle. The seesaw motion is caused by conformational changes during the binding and hydrolysis of the high-energy molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Because microtubules are polar, motor proteins are only capable of traveling in a specific direction. Most kinesins move from the center of the cell towards the periphery.

Source: (XVIVO + Harvard)

#ScienceGIF #Science #GIF #Protein #Kinesin #Microtubule #Mobility #Cell #Microscopic #Vesicle #Biology #Cellular #Biochemistry #Filaments #ATP #Cargo #Transport
Animated Photo

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Very interesting research!
There are a few parasites which are known to affect the higher functions of the mind - rabies making dogs vicious, parasitic wasps which commandeer orb spiders, flatworms which make ants commit a strange sort of suicide atop blades of grass, where they can be eaten by sheep. And, of course, there's toxoplasma gondii, whose primary habitat is in the intestines of cats, and which can be responsible for "crazy cat lady syndrome."

But while we usually think of this as being a rare, acute condition affecting only a few people, it turns out that infection rates may be far higher than we imagined - 10-20% of Americans, and over 50% of Europeans - and that even these low-level infections may have subtle but significant effects on our personalities.

We may well be, in short, under the effect of mind-controlling parasites right now. And things as fundamental as our introversion or extroversion, or as seemingly arbitrary as our fashion sense, may be affected.

Via +A.V. Flox​
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