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complicated technology made simple
complicated technology made simple


Random Question of the day: We need to implement recurring billing to clients. AWS DevPay or Marketplace offers this, but requires a USA bank account. Are there Australian solutions for small business to either open a USA account, or to provide recurring billing? PayPal doesn't qualify as a business solution.
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"What computer should I buy?" is a question that I often get asked when I'm surrounded by family and friends. Clients often start their relationship with ITmaze with a similar question, though often it's phrased slightly differently: "What upgrade should I get?"

This question has been coming up for years and it's not a simple one to answer. Most of the time the person asking has already done some research and has become bamboozled and frustrated and often doesn't know which way to jump: "Should I buy this one, or is that a better deal?" or "Should I be looking at an Intel processor or an AMD one, and which video card should I get?"

To help the unsuspecting person asking this question, hopefully before they even leave the house and start walking into shops, I've written an article with 5 simple questions that will get you onto the best solution:

- What do you want to do with your computer?
- How much money do you want to spend?
- How long should this computer last?
- Do you need to use your computer in different locations?
- Where will I get support from?

As a bonus, I also explain some of the technical terms you’re going to come across, what the various numbers mean on the sales pitch and what to look at when comparing computers.

It's all packaged in a $0.99 Kindle article, so you can bring it with you.


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Keeping up to date with developments in the industry is what makes it possible to give advice to clients as their needs and the world's offerings evolve.

Getting bigger players in the industry to come to Perth is often a challenge, but Amazon is bringing the AWS Summit 2014 to Perth in August - an excellent opportunity to hear from global experts.
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