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We want to shift from the ‘decade of pain’ to the ‘decade of healing'. More than 90% of Americans are seriously underestimating chronic pain's prevalence in our nation today.
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Those suffering from chronic pains and are searching other options need to read this article.
A Deeper Look into America's Attitudes Regarding Chronic Pain. Chronic Pain is often overlooked as a symptom instead of a problem of its own. According to the National Academies, 116 million Ameri...
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Advocate for Patient's Rights. Everyone deserves the right to be heard and understood. For many suffering Hawaiians, that voice came from Dr. David Barton when he stood up for his patients to ask ...
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America is overlooking a threat that has taken many lives. Prescription drug abuse is a danger that many are not aware about. An alternative is the medical use of marijuana. read this article for more info..
The Dangers of Prescription Drug Misuse. The concerns and damages of this country's prescription drug addiction problems are on the rise. According to a CBS news article, drug overdose has become ...
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David J. Barton MD has been a physician for over 26 years.  He is board certified in Pain Medicine by the American Board of Pain Medicine. Past board certifications include General Surgery (1992) and Plastic Surgery (1995). Lifetime member of the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Present member of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. Military service: United States Army Reserve, General Surgeon, Medical Corp Officer, Major, 1990-1999, with temporary active duty in Desert Storm.  Current Chief Medical Officer of Aloha First, LLC., a non-profit organization for the enhancement of healthcare and well being in native Hawaiians.

I was a practicing plastic surgeon until I developed neck pain and cervical disc herniations.  I had two level neck fusion surgery  which made things worse, a not too uncommon result of cervical spine surgery. I have lived in the "Pain World" for over 15 years.  Unable to continue my surgical career, I retrained in Pain and Palliative Care at the University of Utah in 2003, completing a rigorous fellowship which allowed for my third board certification.

I was an orthodox Pain Doc until I came to realize that there are a lot of holes in regular "western" or what I call "corporate" medicine.  A lot of conditions and syndromes do NOT have good or satisfying treatments, and people and families are left to suffer.  Too many of my patients just lived month to month on a handful of different types of medications, all of which were narcotics, or heavily controlled substances, leading to dependency. If the goals of improved functionality and well-being are of prime importance, then any substance or effective treatment technique is valid. There is NOTHING morally superior about pills and patches and pharmaceutical drugs, versus a plant that is well known for its safety. Some can even claim that "Herbs" are ordained of God. That is the bottom line: it is safer than nearly all the usual medications out there!

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(808) 321-3793
91-896 Makule Rd, Ewa Beach, HI 96706
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