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The Perfect Computer!
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cool, really want to have one
chip r
I love it
Beats my idea of a perfect computer
The Copy-Paste pedals are awesome, I want them ;)
hahahahaaha the one who will use that is a computer addict
j'ai beaucoup apprécié votre imagination pour un poste d'ordinateur le plus comfortable
Translate what they called compaholic haha its addictous hehe
Jay Don
me one please
Buahahhaha , I should have one lol!...
The moment you have one speak out asap, you need help :-)
Kazm i
hoho should be........
Where did you get a picture of my desk???
An old perfect computer cuz now a days is just da screen....nd it has it all
Some one wat dt white thing on nxt to the leg method shut down is? It doesnt have an explanation
no, sorry to say but it's not a perfect computer
...microwave for the Hot Pockets in the fridge?
My desk have all this plus a mirror to look how beautiful I am (lol)
I love the copy paste pedals, it's so funny
lol and/or be stupid and break the whole thing!!! :D
People still use desktops?
I use a desk top...Gotta get to work and make some adjustments to my desk now...
Copy Paste peddles.. BRILLIANT IDEA!!
hahahaha................. :D
there's only one thing I didn't like about thw whole setup,you can't sit on your toilet seat,I mean common.......
but there is one thing that is missing,actually the seat should be a chair cum bed.
Where is the person going to sleep?

the toilet can be shifted towards the side

lol.........hahahahahah :D
@Elisabeth Davey's profile photo Elisabeth Davey me too...
Can i get that pc.....
I hope it isn't expencieve
You need not to do everything at the same time.
neat but can you re-upload it a bit larger? It's extremely illegible.
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