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Unless its written by Eddie Vedder!
so very true!!! at tyms its just u n ur heart!
ikr that wat suxz bout our emotions who can really understand us i guess its just being a human
Yeah, that is very cute and a great expression on his face!
ya.. i agree....sumtyms words are not enuf to describe the feeling...
how much do u think words can affect ur life?
those are the moments I go out to a nice quiet spot with no one around and SCREAM MY ASS OFF !!!! at the top of my lungs of course. feels so much better.
ya mujse bhi sorry nahi kaha jata i thaught ki samna vala kud hi samajh jayaga that i feel guilty
This is an incredible analysis of psychological mystery of mood and mind. Many a times, I did feel my words weren’t pertinent to exactly define how I felt in particular situation. I am not sure where I went wrong, but it’s true.
i know right
it's like you lose your brain trying to define your feeling
especially to others
its an awesome feat. being able to openly express emotions
Sadly that is true. Sometimes the best way to express your feelings is trough staying quiet.
Directly through D HEART!!...:)
aaand so they put a picture of a monkey to describe how they feel instead
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If what you see by the eye doesn't please you, then close your eyes and see from the heart. Because the heart can FEEL the beauty and love more than the eyes can ever wonder!!
CHOOOO CUTE foto, and such true words!!
yeahh true people add me plz to have friends
D Paul
Yes indeed!
Exactly... Everything is about ourself!
now i dont hv a word to describe u and ur words !!!
The quote's very true.....its really difficult to describe exactly how u feel, no matter how much good u 're in expressing.
Been there so many times...
its our feeling only which feel wat we feels in d vry situation
quotes posters here in google+ hit in the face.
that is true sometimes u just need 2 express it by hugs and kissing
okay. because, the world is changing day after day! do u agree with me?
Yep and dont like the first peron who made a comment
Actions are better than words!!
hence its important to know your existence and its value , purpose & importance. to know your self. thats what we are born for.
ya really......................
words at times can lose meaning all you're left with is being.
Exactly actions speaks louder than words.
"How did I end up here dressed like this? I'm a monkey!"
soooo sweet lines and the monkey too :P
monkeys are mate of human in mamals nature
its true n hence we cry in gud n bad times
Try to find the words! If you can't consult a specialist. Don't forget that
our eyes, facial expressions reflect how we feel.
i ff((eel somethin .. but there is no1 2 feel mee....:((
Where do you get free pics on the app store?
Be cool n' enjoy............ ! chhodo kal baaten ,be friend.........of someones.
He probably feels like tearing someone's face off...
must +1 cuz in Chinese, my horoscope/zodiac is monkey..
jon bo
thats how it alwAYS FEELS
hes like, I hate you all :( get me outta here
You're amazing. Those are just the words I was not looking for.
Tropical paradise - Very cute looks deep in thought!!!
Nikki F
i agree, like when you kinda can't explain it and your just like forget it!
I am so feeling like that. Hate break ups...
very true. very annoying when i can't discribe my feelings i wish that it was easier
words just can't describe how a chimp feels about being kidnapped from its Mother, put in a crib, dressed in people clothes, and photographed so people can say "awwwww....".
man it s so true :)
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