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is it true GIRLS :) ? ++++
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Totally true :P But dont be giving away all our secrets now..
but shh dont tell anyone!!!
s 1st try 2 kno y she s asking d quest if u cant answer don tl d truth jus change d topic n for eg praise her beauty simple....
Very :D Don't tell everyone! they should learn the hard way, feel our wrath if they get it wrong :D lol
YES ITS TRUE.... LIKE MY MOM... she knows i lost something, she has it and she ask where it is... SO ANNOYING
she's asking because she wants to try and start an argument...she doesn't like the answer she suspects.....
It is better to tell the truth regardless if she knows or not shrug
A Clark
Absolutely true.

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she'll always look for a reason to start shit..
your ass is going to be in a sling, right answer, wrong answer, no answer, it doesn't matter...
yes...there are chances she already knows the truth...
what an awesome pic u have where did u get them
If they don't know something, they will not put it into q question form. they will imply a million of things, instead, and leave your mind in a complete chaos. You'll have to guess what is it that they don't know.
she's asking because she wants to start bitching or fighting...
Always True Truth In Answer, It Hardly Matters What She Thinks About U.
they love head games...they start them, they expect you to play and they will never tell you the rules:)
Sometimes its better to lie, or be half honest. But yeah most of the time we kno the answer.
she won't ask if she doesn't already know the answer.
we ask because it's better to hear it from the person concerned .. it's like a confirmation like that .. haha!! anyhow yeah it's true..
no, you know the answer you would like....
Do I look good with this dress?
Do I look fat?
Did u like the food I make?
Was your previous girl pretty?
... these are just a few questions that you should never answer with the truth
nah .. still depend on the person who we're asking.. haha!!
which pic? where are you seeing pics?
yes thats the truth but guys just dont understand that
you just like to stir shit. the answer will never be accepted... it will just cause you to ask more questions...
Do I tell her the truth when she asks, "Do I look fat in this?"
it usually payes to tell da truth bt nt everytym it might b a waste of tym 
Yeah Janice, but the problem is that if you don't like the answer, the person is being "dishonest"..
If only I knew that long ago :P
The truth is always the best though it may not be what one wants to hear. Lying leads to more lies and it's harder to keep track of what you have lied previous to the last, last lie! :)
how many times do men lie???? haha!! really .. an honest question should always be answered by an honest answer. either it would her like her or not.. simple as that ..
dts dammmn true.....!!!!
girls r girls v r proud of it...hahahha :))
for every lie that you tell, there are four more that need to be told to back up the first one ....and for each of those four, you have to tell an additional four lies to support the supporting lies and so forth = alot of wasted energy and time ......therefore don't lie, it isn't worth it.
Look, guys, i think, for the most part, don't like hurting girls/women or lying to them... if it means being evasive in answering a question it may be because they/we really have never learned how to say "this isn't working" without feeling like we've done something wrong...
Well it depends on the magnitude of the question.
This question usually makes me scared as hell
it depends, sometimes girls are just investigating.. hahaha :D
guys, i am very old school.. i was a feminist before gloria steinem was president of NOW... the world sucks for women... I just wish that women realized how much it has sucked for men.... but men don't even know, or want to know because it would mean giving up some perceived "power" that they have...
What if we already know that they already know?
welll it means we wanna know the TRUTH, coz we care :)

you should worry if a woman stop asking u questions and stuff....maybe she have someone else :P
tell a woman what she wants to hear....
I would tell the women the truth about everything no matter wat
just to be sure....
yeah its true honest & say the truth so that u dont need to hide any thing or remember that for which question u have said what lie @ what reason.......confess before its too late
err. I was honest and truthful. and SHE left ME.
and the lying that was used to pretend she was "out with the girls" or similar.
Em Ber
I would lie sometimes, but tell the truth the rest. You listening guys?! ; )
san tan
what if the question is: am I ugly?
ok will keep in mind bro and thanks for advice...
Em Ber
If it's am i ugly. Always always say no way your the most beautiful person in the world!
maybe if you really listen you would`t have to lie try ' HAVING SOME INTEGRITY" ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS'.
WTF!!!!! do u really think all girls........i mean all women r like tat?
It might be a test or a trap!
Addy O
I would say it is. At least in my case.
so true it's painful-
how the heck do women get cheated on then?....
maybe our mind-reading skills are limited.
I see a lot of (Trues) D: , now this is creepy! 
Definitely! Or if we don't know the answer, the truth is always the best answer
ya damn true.... but sumtyms we dont knw the ans... but we believe dat u'll be truthful to us....
not really chances are its a way of getting to the truth
She doesn't always know the true answer but she thinks that as if she knows.
she just want to make sure if she can bank on you
YES! Woman already know? How did you know that? Previous bad experience? Poor boy... Hahaha
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