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Would you swim in this pool !
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Where is this anyway? Looks pretty sweet!
looks like a pool with a view... would love it!
It looks like the Sands, the new Singapore landmark.
i would love to do tht it would be a time never to foget xxx
would love to...heck yu only live once!!!!
I think it looks like fun with a fantastic view! Where is this? Not that I could afford to go.... but still would like to know!
I did swim in that pool and it was worth it. Especially when it's 35 degrees with 100% humidity.
of course I would, it would be real cool, because you would feel like falling but really there would be no way to:)
to be fair, you only get the illusion of being at the edge of nothing when you're in the middle of the pool. When you're at the edge, you actually see all the extra safety space.
thats sick man yeah i would
:O that looks a little bit dangerous.\
Swim in it, sure. Sit on the edge like those two people are doing? Not on your life.
My son would be jumping and thus pouring the water down. The pool would be closed soon.
I would really love to try it out. just for the fun of it
realyy what a view amizing..........
would you swim in this pool ??? not !!!!
Yes! Infinity pools are awesome!
yes ofcourceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the best of all the pools bestttttttt
as long as it is heated! Otherwize it might be a little cold
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(long silence)

depends on....what's beyond the edge:)
These are awesome!!!
i also wanna go there
YES!!! Where is this??? It's time for a group picture
So this is where the fabled end of the world is. LOL
heck yes I would. there is a security ledge on the other side of the pool so no worries.
i could just imagine how relaxing that is..peaceful, quiet, weightless, and never ending wish i could have one of those that looked out over a waterfall instead of a noisy city
what if stay with me. THERE WAS A Giant FUCKING GLASS. someone hits there head. smh
holly mother of god i whould pass the fuck out up their hahahahaahah <3
yes i would...and this view is off a movie-NICE!!!!!
i would so swim in this sinagapore here i come
wow, scary... but the view is really awesome
I would but I would be the idiot to fall off
Yes bu i would be the one to swim over lol
Yes!!! It would be quite scary but who cares!! Lol
Love it
Would? Yes. Could? No. I was there just a month or so ago. They don't let anyone near the pool unless you're renting out a hotel room ($700+ per night).
yikes, doubt the water is very pure....near the edge. I'd be cr@pping myself
hell to the no id faint from the first floor lol
sure cool..............
Hana W
wa.... is it real???
Awesome, amazing, incredible. I'd definitely go for a swim.
if there was a wall that made it so you did not fall of the edge.
I think it spans the rooftops of two hotels in Singapore - the infinity pool with an infinite drop
The Imagination is a beautiful thing!!!
Serge Z
wou! Really nice! However, I m sure that people who created this pool are not from hell...from heaven!!!!
Already have :) last month. Spent three days at Marina Bay sands. The hotel is gorgeous, and Singapore is one of the best cities to visit.
Singapore Marina Bay Sands!One of the newest icon of Singapore.. I have swimmed in that! The view is fab!
I'm Singaporean and I'm proud of it! =D
Wooww. Is this photo faked? Are there any complains from the neighbour of lower floor or people passing by that building because of splashing water? Haha, anyway, it would be way better if the pool is hang in the air and the bottom is transparent.
beautiful swimming pool. i wish one day i'll be there
it looks nice but i wont risk my
I'd give it a try! Slowly though :)
i'd be the gy who accidentally swim's off the pool edge
Nice view, but you definitely don't want this to turn into a waterfall or a people-fall.
Jon Hs
I would swim in this pool all day
I wouldn't even hesitate to go for a dip. That is simply amazing.
Gena B
I would rather die then swim in that! Wait... i might die swimming in that. BLOND MOMENT!
oh my gods i would plus im blond and im not stupid!!!!!
its an infinity pool... not fake
if its real and the edge is actually a waterfall, like it appears, yes.
it's an infinity pool and yes, it's real.
Nyt K
Whoo haha scary..
mjy b kch esa e lgta hy......
i would. but its too expensive last time I was there not as a guest. This is in Singapore btw.
Since you can see at the right side that the edge is not just a drop straight off the building, there's another level below that dropoff...without a doubt.
I've seen this before & it's one of my fav pic's.
I would love to try it out bt the thing is i dnt knw how to swim..:D does anyone hre knws hw deep is d water? Nvrmind, i could jst grab a lifevest,couldnt i?:)
Lol, for all we know there is an immediate edge below that and more pool and this is just an optical illusion from this angle. If so that would be an awesome perch.
Why not? Are you more likely to fall while swimming than while walking?!
Not sure how I'd feel about that...
exactly y not im down 2 do tht. its like rideing a bike
I would, but I hope it doesn't have a wave maker in it :D
Hell To The No. Everyone Does Not have the same type of LUCK so I would not push mine. Call me what you will but I like my pools on the ground.
its cool.....!!!!!!!!!!! i want 2 swimm its will be an adventure
Grab a lifevest, " you float to your death cuz you broke and depressed. I confess, I ain't nothin but a triflin' thug." - Cassidy (the rapper) I couldn't resist.. May The 4th Be With You
certainly id just be scared as crazy
Swimming in that pool would be a blast!
I would..maybe. Might be interesting! ^_^
There's an actual "natural falls" like this called Devil's pool in Africa. Youtube it! ;)
I WOULD DIE jk jk but i would pass out!
This makes my stomach cringe just looking at the picture.
marina bay sands singapore...i already swim in that...amazing
Yes I love heights... now that is what I call a pool!! Reminds me of paintings by Salvador Dali and Robert Vanderhorst
Pam L.K
i'd definitely swim here.
hell yeah ill push people over lol no seriously no i would not!
+Cassie Gambill It looks like Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore. It's quite an impressive site in person. We used to go hand out on Marina Bay at night and look at it and the CBD.
no one died while swimming there yet. >.<
Wow, thats a great feeling..
"Feel like flying.. WHILE SWIMMING"
Its Marina Bay Singapore. Had Witnessed its inauguration
thats in singapore
m right?
yes actually there is a parapet 5 ft. below
damn it shit i not kind like that way huh.
i would, but i would stay away from idiots and the edge
\|/ boom
I'd soooo take dip in that!!!!
i would enjy swimming in it.thats different i will be scared of that
add me friendssssssssssssss
I doubt it's a straight drop-off.
Hmmm. I think that was in Singapoure. When i was there, I remember seeing a pool exactly like that. By the way, the edge is covered by glass
well if i wanted to piss myself then yah lol
Uh, I'm gonna go with a "no" on this one.
of course i would :D... it's amazing :D
you guys may think this pool dont exist but in the future it will.

and dont say 'YOUR JOKING!!!'
yep....... its amazing.
no need in future. It was constructed in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands.
KL Tah
400+ comments and no one knows that this is the infinity pool at the top of Marina Bay Sands? n00bs.
I'm sure there is a net bellow the rim. Actually you can see on the far side.
Hopefully there is some kind of fence on the other side! I think i would get vertigo swimming in this pool!
ab bule
wow.... ♥_♥
Yes..... But Drowning And Falling Are Two Top Phobias For Me
so afraid of heights but that looks tempting
where is it i definitely wanna swim
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm datsssssssssssssss mean as hellll yalll so rude wat if someone said dat u from hell so look at u lookin stupid haha
yes it's cool

Overall rating
Yes and no....

Hummm I wonder how many people have committed or attempted that leap.. not to mention how dangerous that is...
Yes, it's Marina Bay Sand in Singapore.
Awesome view while swimming in the pool, btw it's not deep pool.
Eric L
Its in Singapore - I've been there!
Very relaxing view ,love to swim there!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you know that shit is photo shopped,lol...
I have a fear of heights... or more specifically, a fear of falling from great heights... I could swim in it, but I would not go to the edge.
i dont even think i would get in enough to swim
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