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That's impossible!!!
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yes, yes he is.sorry to tell you that.......
Where's the position of floppy....!
You've had some nice successes recently on the WH list, +Clients From Hell and I love that you're claiming anonymity with the posts, but it is not right to continually leave sources off your posts. I'm calling you out, as a 1st gen'er.

It takes two seconds to add a link to where you found the material...
noooo - he's more like the grand father!!
not really true. In between, there were CD players and other crappy mp3 players.
lol, I like the attire of the "FATHER"
i would be saying no because he is so ugly
Father or mother
modernization + technology.. Cool nicely done!!!
the best friend of a cassette was the Bic pen. A good way to wind then up ;)
its very like to my eye but not confidence dovlopment
Very Funny,,sometime we forgot our background n history..
ipod dont say nooooo!!! the real thing is your fathher. lol
Cool pic. Check my profile, you'll love the pics i have shared
hehe, the ugly truth be out at last :)
ha...ha..ha..what about ipad's father??
nice...very nice...It comes from the generation...Good one...
darth wader to luke sky walker
what might be ipod's mother then?
ít's so funny but that's true
That's not true actually its player is the father of mp3 players....
but thats funny..... :)
iPod : I am your father iPhone : nooooooooooooooo
I surly agree with my point of view life with both of them have meaning.
and the gramophone records is mother???
great things sure evolve from currently non-great things
lol what about the 8 track? That would be obie 1?
its funny cause its true!
Search your library; you know it to be true! 
Haha I suppose if we didn't have tapes first we wouldn't have iPods...YIKES. 
lol my dad posted this on FB onca
The MPAA & RIAA both had their tantrums over copying methods before. For the RIAA it was cassettes, and with the MPAA it was Betamax, then VHS tapes. They made the same arguments (that they make now) before. Those that are unable / unwilling to cope with change, will be left to the historical "dustbin" of civilization. It's particularly disgusting that the 2 entities I've mentioned here have been able to craft legislation protecting their business model, and get it passed.
OMG thats sooooo cute
this is kinda funny but stupid at the same time!!!
Lol cool there is one where there is an iPhone and a tape.... The thing in the picture!!!
It has been brought to my attention that this is inaccurate; one of the iPod's hands should be missing at this point.
The record player said, "I'm your grand father!"
and eight tracks was yo momma!
Learning the family history is sometimes very hard. :) LOL
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