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I have no idea who created this image. But good grief, it's powerful.
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Addy O
It really is powerful. =(
is this an appropriate time for Fus ro dah?
A mother/father created this? 
For parents and teachers over all the land. Protect our children.
I wanna beat that kids parents seriously.. 
Its better to use a stick to give the punishment rather than scolding and abusing the child.
da world is not da best place so better make oneself strong to survive or get crushed - STRONG MAN
ya words hurt u a lot and leave a longer impact than physical assault
"Sticks and stones may break my bones... but words can break my heart."
Good one. Especially for Teachers and also for parents to their kids.
The adage is: "A picture is worth a thousand words." Lets hope this image will spark some productive conversation.
Plea to artist. Please create the opposite image, when our words bring joy and laughter out of our children (in fact everyone around us!)
I believe the children are the FUTURE! Let's help them make it BETTER ;)
Its old like 5. Or 7 years old had a poster of it it was used in a campaign
lili M
بسيار عالي
words hurt more than people think like when people call me a hoe and a drunk they dont really know how much there words hurt me so they need to stop talking shit behind there computers and say it to my face
This imagery has impact and really depicts the harm caused by verbal abuse. Shameful, harsh words cause internal wounds and tear down victim's self esteem. Excellent work by whomever created this...
The Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue.
The little boy is in pains,that's true tears that touches
How true... I was once in his position. Im 20 years old and its still messing with my life.
It shows the harm of our bad speech with kids. It make them sad and mute.
or that kid could just stop being a little bitch. went through it, i endured. he can too
especially when you feel like you're alone. That's one of the hardest parts... if not THE hardest part.
Wow. Should be hung in every school.
yah very saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

Overall rating
if you'll do your study properly then it won't be with you next time
Hai i am asto . how are you
Negative words, lies, hideous behaviour can hurt at any age. Very powerful image indeed. Hopefully, some teachers will see fit to print this picture out and put it up in their classrooms. +nicole polizzi, words do hurt more than those who speak them think sometimes, especially if they do not know you, only know of you. +Christine Mckiver, as one who battles with my own internal voice, I agree. However, that inner voice is often governed by the horrible words expressed by less than lovely people in my past. Positive self thought can be harsh for those who have been hurt by the words and actions of others. The only way to change is to understand how fantastic we are in our own right.
thats kinda creepy, i never really thought about how those kids feel it must be really hard. :'(
On dirait que cette jeune fille implore dieu,quoique apparemment innocente.
I believe as elders we are responsible towards proper upbringing of children no matter in whatever context they are related to us. They should be considered as better human beings than us.
Sorry -- but this seems too far overrated. Some people do love to go overboard with messages.
How disgraceful - it really makes you think...
Stop child abuse... Select your words wisely so you don't regret later on...
I just want to simply change my username from Joseph Serna to, my desired uesername and it won't FUCKING LET ME
ohh.....god......wat the hell is that..........
yes it should be stoped its very hearting
whoops i thought the pic was for kids who couldn't speak. i now see it's for bullying and abuse. but i do know how this kid feels i had a bully problem too i often came home really shook sometimes i was bleeding, my mother who was illl at the time didn't care but i told my best friend and if it wasn't for her kindness i still be bullied. bless these kids and give them hope. :'( xxx
yes u r rite............................eyes say evrythng
Ib Wads
Very true. This is an outstanding message with an outstanding appeal.
I like it. it is very ture
this is such a powerful image...
Very thought provoking. People tend not to think what their words can do, only their actions!
what words but tears do tha talkn hear or is she to hurt
Another picture that says more words than you can imagine! Great use those words carefully!
And most of all Never raise your hand in anger!
We are a product of our environment in this day & age its very competitive to say. The least very cutthroat just in daily living you never know what road someone else has had to go down help someone out offer a compliment, or a kind word someone who doesn't believe in themself needs to know others do
My heart melted upon seeing this post!! There is hidden in every human being, a child.. so innocent that one cannot predict when that kid will burst into tears, when a particular person touches ur heart deeply connecting to ur innermost hidden feelings!! After all, who doesn't want to be pampered once in a while!!!
wow...its so simple yet gives such a strong message...really true..
oh that is sooooooooo sad the poor child when im older i would not dare hurt them !!!!!!!!!
Sad but true...after a certain wage, they (your kids) tune you out ... or pretend to...
Sometimes we forget exactly how powerful are words are too others...This is indeed a powerful reminder! 
really pitable,love u and will not let you cry any moreeee.
I have to say I agree to this. It's a perfect image.
really important not to use bad words!
Is the kid sad because he has realized he will never own a pony ?
This is very true and incredibly powerful. It reminds me of the poem i have seen in mamy schools. I think that is called teach a child to...

Words are power,
Once I was bullied, they called names in swear words, I was scared when they called me names that really scared me and offended me a lot! It was girl who called me in swear words, same age as me. So, whenever I go near her I feel so scared, I have nightmares about her!;(
Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.
Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.
This is great art. So straight to the point.
Amy Lee
OpOh woow
Just amazing
strong feeling
Amazing art
You may try to support your family and friends,but at the time of death all other actions besides the virtuous practices of Dharma activities will have been pointless. So constantly apply yourself to spiritual practices in thought, word, and deed! letting go of thoughts as we watch them rise & fall in meditation with the space beyond our discursiveness.
ye powerfull,quite sad to look at actully?!......
The day we all decide to be nice and kind to all kids regardless of thier filial relationship to us, then we shall truly be on the path to a better world! Spread some love today!
That looks like my little brother!!
Yes powerful but sad. I don't like to see sadness in children's faces. Reminds me about all the cruelness in this world.
sometime back I was child...think before u hurt them
That's me
who put my pic on GMAIL????
I will kill him when i know
i 'm joking
that's not me
Words have power, but so do hugs! Say it with a hug.
Yeah! They will stay with you till your old enough to deal with it. :(
nul besoin de mots pour ce petit garçon, l’expression de son visage parle de lui même.. que de tristesse il en ressort..."".cela nous rappelle
qu'un enfant est tendresse,et qu'il ne devrais jamais être dans la détresse...""
It is easy to say. impossible to unsay. our words become reality, however percieved. this is another canidate for future treatments. prob rehab. give love get loved

Tanya V
Very powerful... Puts a visual to those words!
No need to subscribe so meaningful 
the kids a cutie but i hate seeing people cry :(
Dave L
thank you, a great reminder for all
This true picture touch my heart. I am feeling sorry for the child. but we have nothing to do for this hard true.
Only humble LOVING and soothing WORDS might take away all his grief.
Words should be used very carefully, especially with children ,,. We all forget that especially when we are angry... we are the harshest....
some ppl do not understand the power of their words...u cannot take them back once spoken! UNDERSTAND!
the words have power
harsh words are D most cruel weapon....... which makes a wound in our heart....
Don't (Ohhhh😢) me

You are one of these poeple 😠
y is their a word hand choking a little boy that is hertfull and words r affencive
My goodness this does make an impression!
this is so true that its just sad.....why cant we just make this world a better place?
Oh! baby,why you crying like that,don't cry anymore.OK!
love all childrens & make allways happy
All adults need to control their words when they say something to him.
What a Picture............................
No child should have to endure this or any type of abuse!!!
who uploaded this pic..please does not upload like pictures which is hurting us..
I hate when kid get abuse from somebody
Please don't stop them , they are the future leader of the world , so they need to learn & say what is right thing . We need giving chance to them .
So the old phrase "Sticks & stones may hurt me but words never will" is no longer valid? I agree! But I also think we have to become strong enough to handle hurtful words as there is no law to protect us from them like there are for sticks and stones ;-) 
Our words are sharper than a two edged sword and everybody wonders why there is so much hate in this world perhaps we need look know further than ourselves!
well words can hurt not just stick and stones
this is so true the saying of "sticks and stones may break ur bones but words will never hurt u" is false!
Moving away from hurtful vocabulary, makes life easier. They créate depression & low self esteem, anda low moral.
Looks like mom or dad, but its her/man mon/st/ER
words can hurt more deeply than anything else .
Yeah tell a guy who lost both of his arms and legs in the war and had to have them all amputated without anesthesia "hey man, I feel your pain... some kid called me stupid"

"... It's just words!" -Frank Zappa
I envy the people who are saying words aren't all that bad -- "sticks and stones". If you'd grown up with emotionally abusive parents, you'd feel differently, trust me. It's something that never leaves you or really heals.
I have to watch the words that I want to say and This photo is a real Masterpiece...
Great work, hope this spreads like a wild fire!
This is why suicide becomes an option for so many people. A child needs love and compassion. Life is hard enough already and no one should ever break the spirit of a child. That is sad!! But powerful.
Tina A
yes it is
This add is part of a campaign by Juvenile Protective Association who wanted to point out that “Verbal abuse is still abuse.” - and I think they achieved their goal.

As for the credits, ads were created by EuroRSCG Chicago:

Art Director: Puja Shah
Copywriter: Eugene Fuller
Creative Director: Blake Ebel

There are 2 more ads in this campaign, you can see all of them here:
I do agree this. Use the words wisely at right situations and timing.
How could I have fallen so far and disgusting as a mother of one very beautiful, smart sweet, Yahweh fearing child? All these years, I never really saw my words and reactions to my son until today. What in THE HECK Is wrong with me!!!!?
I am changing this ugliness in my heart. I am only sorry it took 10 years to get through my extremely think hard skull. This picture should have been seen back when my son was younger. An image can speak volumes when you look into the eyes of a child abused. Wether it be physical, verbal or emotional. I never physically abused my child, but yelling at him day in and day out is just as horrible. I never saw my being my own mom to my boy, and yet that is exactly what I have become.
I will need help from Yahweh indeed and his brethren to help me stay away to my evil ways, and show him true love and peace
thanks everyone for the adjustment.
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