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bye :/
He os right
Like this photo since the beginning of the saga!
i love our family lol! do u wish that u could be a vampire?
saga realy continues wid dis grt family...
i wish I could be part of this family
wow I love thIs movIes I am so excIted for the last.one In novemember thIs Is a great photo btw
u look so young in this picture
my favorite movie is breaking dawn part 1!!!!!! cant wait for part 2!!!!!
I am soooooo jealous of how HOT ur family is Kristen!!!
sexy im jealous wish the men in my family were like that
hahaha yeah, me too! wish to find a bff like Alice -
kaya. :
Nice family!! :) Luv Twilight!!!
Preyonna, you look better as a fan.
Beutiful u and edward make a very cute couple
Go Team Edward!!! Lovely Family I must say!
ONG so if u where really i that positon would u chouse edword over jackup
yea wheres carilile and esme and renesmeee!!!!!!
I like so much Twilight Saga !!.... ;)
yep me and brittney portnova are ur biggest fans GO TEAM EDWARD
Nice tell me you got a faimly photo thats framed
ohhhhhhh yah the family you and edward look awesome together really speciallllllllllllly in that picture lol
i love twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me gusto mucho vuestra peli de amanecer parte 1 i 2 i las demas
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