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Low Profile Long Lead Thermistors
I put together some thin thermistors as a proof of concept. Aiming to get under 1/16" thick. Very few long lead thermistors on digikey are under this mark.  I ordered some  flat flex cable with connectors , Digikey offers inch increments between 2" and 8" a...

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I realized that I never made an update to the motor controller post after someone messaged me about it. Here's a photo dump for now.  Case from Rapid Sheet Metal Bus bar test fit  Heatsink to be.  Machine running fist side. IGBT side. Test fit before starti...

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Motor Controller Packaging
Motor Controller Packaging FSAE MY2015 1. Objectives The motor controller used in the MY2015 will be based off of the Unitek Bamocar D3 modules
used in the 2014 car. The D3 controller meets the electrical requirements for
our tractive system (voltage, power...

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Let's talk about Otto. Otto is the result of a 25 person team working over the fall 2014 semester in the class 2.009 : Product Engineering Processes at MIT. This is the mechanical engineering capstone class and as the name implies, it focuses on teaching ab...

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Tractor Anniversary
Here we are. A year since I started looking at those tempting domestic tractors on Craigslist. Contrary to popular belief, I've actually made some progress on this thing. Let's take a look. They make paint for tractors. Not something I had thought about but...

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The 6.115 Saga
I started work on this project almost a year ago. A majority of what follows happened over summer 2013, as of last week I finished the last task needed to get it to production. This requires a bit of explanation. There is a class taught by Prof. Leeb called...

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What I did on Marathon Monday
For this post I'd like to share the process I went though to make a prototype base plate for a teaching kit I'm working on. It turned out a bit like a guide, but I'm not necessarily saying this is how to do things. It's just what I did and it seemed like a ...

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FSAE Batteries
When the FSAE team decided to build an electric race car a few years ago, it seemed pretty likely that we could source our batteries from A123 Systems, an alumni company. They make very high quality lithium iron phosphate cells and battery packs. The packs ...

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Arts and crafts
I did a few things over break that weren't so technical but maybe were still a bit interesting. For that reason it's going to be mostly pictures. My family did a Secret Santa exchange this year. I helped my brother make this holder for his gift to one our c...

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Big motor
I've been doing some research on various electric motors that would be good replacements in my tractor. I found out Motenergy  (formerly Mars Electric) makes a motor, called the  ME1004 , designed to be a drop in replacement for small tractors. I didn't thi...
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