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Seriously, censorship is bad and the way YouTube works with copyright claims is fucking awful.

Please give this video a share - not necessarily my post, but at least the video, if you care about freedom of speech on YouTube.
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I really should be sleeping, but sometimes you just have to put thoughts down on "paper".

The following is a list of How to Tell if The Game You're Playing or Making is Probably Sexist:

Is there any meaningful difference between the clothing options available to women and men?
Do male clothes cover more of their body than female clothes?
Do female character options exist solely to entice a "young male demographic"?
Does a sexual scene exist solely for the purpose of erotifying the game without any real narrative purpose?
Does a character treat a female character in a sexist manner "as a joke" without any obvious satire?
Are female characters treated as conquests rather than characters? (Achievement unlocked!)
Does a female character experience cruelty without any use of this cruelty for a narrative purpose?
Does your game have boob plate?
Does your game put females in eroticizing armor?
Was your development team completely male?
Do all of your characters exist in unrealistic (fantastical) proportions?
Is your target audience the "young male demographic"?
Are "jiggle physics" treated seriously?
If your game uses a third person camera, how many of your animations place female character posteriors "in the limelight"? Is it more than zero?
Are all of your female character models thin?
Are the breasts on these female character models disproportionately large? (I.E. quite rare in reality).
How many narratively important speaking roles do female characters fill compared to male? Is the ratio around .1?
Do male characters (who are not explicitly assholes or sexist) compare themselves and others to females as a means of derision?
Does a female character have value only because they exhibit entirely masculine traits?
Does a female character only exist to be saved?
Does a female character exist only to be an end goal of some sort?
Does your game contain slut shaming, with no alternative course of action or without using this to paint the shamer as an asshole?

Does your game contain more than one of the items on this list? Congratulations, it's probably sexist!

The list is by no means comprehensive, but just what I could come up with when anxiously awaiting a medical procedure and being awake far too late into the evening.
From memory (and what I've played), here's a list of games that don't fail this checklist, in (rough) order from oldest to newest.
Baldur's Gate 2
Fallout: New Vegas
Left4Dead 2 (though taken together, these two games only offering one female character is kinda shitty)
Cart Life
Portal 2
Dark Souls
Guns of Icarus Online
Star Wars: The Old Republic
FTL: Faster Than Light
The Last Of Us
Game Dev Tycoon

Addendum: I forgot Civ5 / the Civ series in general!

This list isn't entirely complete, but it's the best I can do right now. This list isn't saying that any game not on it is inherently awful (in fact I really love a number of games that aren't included on this list, a fact which makes me sad because I would love them so much more if I could include them on this list), but that I either haven't played it, or it is probably, indeed, sexist. Also, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV are really hard to place, because on the one hand, they're kinda sexist. On the other hand, the games clearly don't care what gender your character is at all (whether we're talking about dialog options or clothing options) and furthermore, a lot of the sexuality in these games is very, very clearly ridiculous and used for laughs. But I still have some discomforts with The Third and I haven't finished IV yet.

Worst Offenders I can think of:
Duke Nukem Forever
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Work makes me wonder... under what circumstance does it seem like a good idea to horribly deform a mounting bracket for a PCI card to make it fit into a situation it wasn't intended for, for a machine you won't be using forever?
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Yes! I love Kerbal Space Program. It's awesomely fun and challenging, and a great way to learn some of the sciences of rocketry and orbital mechanics.
If you have any interest in space, you have to play the Kerbal Space Program

A few people had mentioned the +Kerbal Space Program  during our live Hangouts, but I wasn't sure what they were talking about. Finally, I went searching to figure out what this whole Kerbal thing is. 

I'm so glad I did.

The Kerbal Space Program is a video game that simulates a space exploration program. You can launch rockets, planes, satellites, space stations, landers, etc. There are an unlimited number of Kerbalastronauts willing to hop in any crazy vehicle and risk their lives for the conquest of space.

Here's the key. The game is fun, and it's brutally realistic

Play this game for a few hours and you'll deeply understand the basics of spaceflight. You'll know how rockets move the way they do, why to use multiple stages, and how hard it is to actually put a spacecraft into orbit - on another planet.

Seriously, my kids and I have been playing obsessively for the last day or so, and we've finally put a capsule into a stable orbit around the planet. We haven't even tried bringing the capsule back to Earth.

Dad, we're too heavy to get off the launch pad. I think we need to give it solid rocket boosters while we're in the thickest part of the atmosphere. They're tricky to use, so I'll put a flight computer on too.

I can't even imagine how difficult it's going to be reach the other planets and moons in the system. To land rovers on the surface. To send a mission to another planet and then return them safely back to Earth. To dock in orbit?!

But I can't wait to figure it out.

I'll warn you, though, the learning curve on this game is brutal. But with some experimentation, you start to master tiny objectives, and move steadily out into space.

I know it's still in early stages, and the career mode hasn't been implemented yet. That should be fantastic, with the game easing you into the learning curve by teaching you the basics and giving you more and more challenges when you're ready.

Give it a try. The game is really just a sandbox rightnow, but it already has so much potential.
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Why you'll rule meetings with Google Glass.

Meetings can waste your time. But Google Glass will make them faster, more efficient and just better:

Even though Google Glass itself doesn't exist as a consumer device available to the public, Glassware (apps for Google Glass) is already emerging that make meetings better. If this is just a hint of things to come, Glass will utterly transform how meetings are conducted.

I've been testing and researching Google Glass and Glass apps for meetings, and I can already see how this new device will make you a better presenter, note-taker, networker and decision-maker.

Here's how:


(Pic props: )
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If you're a student and interested in game development and have the cash to spare, this is absolutely worth it.

Been working with +Unity for a few months and I have to say, it's brilliant. Can't wait to get a pro license for myself and start playing with some delicious hand-crafted Compute shaders :)
Did you know that we offer big discounts to students, faculty, and staff who want to get started making commercial Unity games and apps? Your personal projects will be ahead of the curve—and within your budget—with Unity Pro. Get more info:
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This movie is incredible. If you're even the least bit a fan of anything awesome, you need to see this movie while it's still in theaters. This is the reason theaters exist, for films like this.
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Home sick, and decided to watch the Colbert Report. I see a commercial come on and I say to myself "Oh, it's a Google add for G+." Suddenly a wild +Fraser Cain appears! I may have done a triple take.
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So ends one of the worst weekends I've ever had. Yes, I realize it's Monday already and Monday is almost over, but that's how bad it's been :(

The only good news is I'm now significantly closer to work and in a really good place.
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Suddenly you notice that a number of your favorite voices are all the same dude:
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