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Tara Jacobsen
Marketing Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Consultant for Entrepreneurs
Marketing Author, Podcaster, Speaker and Consultant for Entrepreneurs

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[Blog Post] 7 Ways To FINALLY Make Some Money Doing Affiliate Marketing

I work with A LOT of business owners who are intrigued by the idea of doing affiliate marketing but don’t know how to do it ethically or (especially) effectively!

I was chatting with a gal the other day and she was a little glum. She didn’t want to feel icky by selling products on her website or to her email list, BUT she really needed to make money with her website or she would have to take on more hours at work. AND she felt like she had tried affiliate marketing before and it never worked and so she was more than a little discouraged.

#affiliatemarketing #blogging

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How To Make A Super Cool Marketing Quiz Everyone Loves

If you are any kind of marketer at all you have to be thinking (like I am), there must be some way to use those super cool quizzes that are all over the internet to sell something to someone!

#marketing #socialmedia

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Super Handy List of Marketing Holidays & Seasonal Advertising Themes

One day I was writing my BIG LIST of Tools and Resources For Bloggers and I went out on the internet to find a great list of marketing holidays. Doh, there were no good resources that listed holidays and seasonal advertising themes for marketing so I decided to make my own!

This is a big list of holidays IN ORDER by month with possible marketing themes that you can use at different times in the year!

#marketing #ecommerce

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How To Fall In Love With Etsy SEO - Nerdy But Fun Etsy SEO

Doing Etsy SEO can sometimes seem like performing black magic instead of just doing a business function. If you have ever banged your head on the desk or screamed silently while loading a listing, this class is for you!

You will learn how to understand Etsy SEO, find profitable keywords and finally start getting found in search!

This class includes a handy-dandy worksheet that will help to walk you through the steps to find your best keywords for your Esty SEO efforts!

#etsy #etsyseller

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Only The Best Free Stock Photos and Mockups Sites

Doing this list of free stock photos I found there are LOTS of lists out there that are just crap! They list dead sites and ones without licenses and especially horrible sites. This list of only the best stock photos is curated by me and updated on a regular basis to make sure it is actually valuable!

#stockphotos #stockphotography

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Etsy Shop Case Study - SallyJGoodrich (Just Starting Out and Needs A Little Help!)

I have a really cool Etsy marketing newsletter and one day a gal named Sally replied back to my welcome email saying..

Awww, so nice that she is still working and hopeful!!! I clicked over to her first shop and was not confused at all about why she wasn’t getting many sales. Her shop was a hot mess.

#etsyseller #etsy 

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Huge Curated List of Best Tools For Bloggers (55+ and counting!)

I LOVE finding great new tools to use for my blogs! As with most of my “big lists” posts, I made this one mostly for me and hopefully it will help you too. Instead of having hundreds of bookmarks and having to think, “what was that site again”, I just put them all here where I can find them easily!

If you are blogging for business there are some resources that you MUST bookmark! This curated list of tools for bloggers are ones that I use personally or have gotten from trusted resources.

#blogging #blogger #im #internetmarketing

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Why Writing Things Down Matters For Retention

We all know that one person that can only be counted on to do something if they write it down. I actually know a few. I don't mean typing a note on their phone, but physically writing a sticky note, index card or a note on a calendar. They seem to have science on their side too! It's been scientifically shown that writing things down helps you to retain them in your memory better.

#timemangement #writing #journalling 

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A Really Big List of Etsy Tools & Resources (50+ and counting!)

I love finding great Etsy tools and resources that can help me and my peeps really rock our Etsy shops! I put a call out in some of the groups that I follow and am sure that I will get more and more suggestions as this post goes along!

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