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Waiting for Google Domains to reach Australia so I can start giving them my money.

I'm finally learning Google Analytics and realising it can do a lot more than I initially expected. I thought you just chucked the snippet on a page and looked at the nice graphs, but all the Event reporting is really cool.

Turns out it is quite difficult to think of what to say when you are focused on solving lots of small problems.

Yesterday I collected information in Google Docs while visiting a new client.
Today I need to plan the different parts of the project.

I really like ideas that have come from the Agile development movement.
There are nice, simple suggestions of ways to organise notes that are more client-focused rather than system-focused.

So today I've created a new spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
My first sheet has a list of the different roles that employees take on, each with a short description of what they do in this role.

The next sheet has my user stories.
I've got 3 columns: "As a", "I want to", "So that I can".
"As a" is one of the entries in the roles sheet.
"I want to" is one of the tasks they need/want to do.
"So that I can" is the reason they are doing this task.

That last column is really important, because it helps you confirm that the task is actually helping the business.
Alternatively, it may expose tasks that aren't necessary any more. (Less work for everyone!)

Yesterday I visited a new client to see how I could build a new data management system for them.

They work on a farm in rural Tasmania, and their phone reception is patchy at best.
Using mostly web-based tools would normally make this difficult, but thankfully the offline-first movement has saved me.

I spent the day taking notes in Google Docs on my tablet.
Normally I would use Google Keep for notes, but since there was a lot to take in, I really benefited from using the different heading types to group information.

Today I've been able to open the document on my computer, clean up the formatting a bit, and use it to start planning the new system.

I would consider myself a pretty heavy user of Google products, except for Google+, but I have always intended to change this.

One way I thought to help crank out some posts is to describe how I have been using Google products to help with my freelance development work.

I tend to write a lot of personal notes about what I do each day, but I can't see any harm in posting these publicly instead.
Who knows, maybe someone out there may even find them interesting.

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All good things must come to an end, but we’re just getting started. 100 announcements from #googlenext17 here →
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Game on!
Does your city have what it takes to win #LocalGuides Challenge? Game on. →

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Welcome to adulthood, +Google

Initial searching for the Google Docs team brought me to!topic/docs/4lxVhopSKiM

This gives links to the following communities:

I'm currently unsure of actual Docs team involvement in those but I will investigate further.
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