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Championing the Underdogs Since 2006
Championing the Underdogs Since 2006


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Oh no! Poor kitty... Should have come to us first!
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The What, Why and How of Self-Publishing a Book “indie” author – a role I happily signed up for when I decided to self-publish my first book back in 2008. By 2013, when my fourth book was published, I’d learned something about being an “indie”. It’s exhausting and doesn’t pay very well, if at all
So why did I do it, and why do I encourage, coach, and help others to do the same thing? Simple. It is one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever experienced in my life.

#indieauthor #selfpublishing
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Celebrate #NOVEMBER31 with us at Alexis Chateau PR

Atlanta, GA — On November 24th 2016, Alexis Chateau PR celebrated over ten years of business with the official launch of their PR firm. As a reward for their hard work, the Atlanta team took a trip to Myrtle Beach. That trip provided one of their teammates, Johnson Sainvil, with the opportunity to expand his tech startup to include travel services.

As the publicist who’d been handling his tech company for the past year, their Managing Director, a travel blogger, became his obvious first-choice for travel ambassador of 1 View Point. Johnson then expanded his offer to grant Alexis Chateau PR shares in his indie travel agency; thus, allowing the PR firm to provide travel services in-house.

A year later, and they’re finally launching their travel services with the #NOVEMBER31 campaign!
Why Did It Take a Year?
A product of owning global timeshare, the firm wanted to ensure that every offer, every promise, every service provided by the travel agency was fully tested and proven to be scam-free.

So far, the product has been tested by roughly a dozen people from all walks of life: families, business executives, travel bloggers, bachelors, and even college students. They all had the enviable task of flying across the U.S., staying in hotels, visiting popular attractions, renting cars, and cruising through the Caribbean.

This allowed the company to provide both firsthand cautions and guarantees, and also proves the longevity of their investment.

What is November 31?
A lot of people have asked about the meaning behind the #NOVEMBER31 campaign. After all, there is no such thing as a 31st day in November.

Hopefully, having explained some of the history behind the company, the importance of the month of November to the brand, is clearer.

The firm adds, “It was the month we could have really used an extra day — first to meet our launch deadlines, and then for vacation. But #NOVEMBER31 holds philosophical meaning for us, too. November was the month we learned to think outside the box when it came to travel. To denounce the myth that frequent or regular travel was a luxury item best reserved for the wealthy.”

Now, they want to share that travel philosophy — and opportunity —with you!
How Can You Join Their Celebration?

Managing Director, Alexis Chateau, on the most recent test-trip to New England in the fall. (Photo Credit: Alexis Chateau PR)

In early October, the company printed branded shirts and hoodies for teammates and travel ambassadors, prompting those they met on their trips to: Ask Me How I Got Here.

The shirts have led to some interesting conversations about what they do and how to embrace a similar travel philosophy.

To make it easier for you to celebrate along with them, across the United States and into the Caribbean, they’re offering half off their usual booking fees for trips all through the month of November.

You get half off whether you’re booking a trip for Thanksgiving 2017 or your bachelorette party in 2025. All you need to do is book your travel plans within that month.

Travel services covered by Alexis Chateau PR, via 1 View Point, includes:
• Flights
• Hotels
• Cruises
• Car Rentals
• Entertainment
• Itinerary Planning
An initial query with the company is free. Just fill out the form on Alexis Chateau PR’s website here.

The company adds, “If we can’t book your trip for cheaper than you can book it yourself, we will always let you know. We believe in an ethical business, which is synonymous with openness and honesty.”
What about the Rest of the World?
Unfortunately, even with a year of testing, the many 2017 travel bans discouraged the firm from testing their travel services in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. They continue to monitor the news, and will make an announcement as soon as these travel services are no longer in beta testing.

In the interim, people living in and traveling to these areas are still welcome to use their travel services at a discounted rate — just as travelers used the services in the U.S. and Caribbean over the past year.

“We’ve had zero mishaps so far — knocks on wood — and we’re confident you won’t, either,” the company assures its customers.
If you’re serious about seeing more of the world and learning about how they can make that happen for you at affordable prices, you’re likely brimming with questions. You can get the conversation started by filling out their travel form.

Information is free.
Booking your trip is half-off.
And the opportunity to travel is priceless.

Contact them today!

About Alexis Chateau PR
Alexis Chateau PR is an independent public relations agency with a special interest in lifestyle brands. From education to entertainment to travel, they have worked with clients in all areas of the lifestyle industry since 2006.

About 1 View Point
1 View Point is the in-house travel agency of Alexis Chateau PR. Considered the 7th team member at the firm, they book trips for teammates, clients, colleagues, and friends. 1 View Point is also working on technology to revolutionize travel blogging and business conferencing.

#travel #travelers #travelagency #budgettravel

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The Best Times to Post on Social Media

One of the biggest secrets social media gurus have tried to unravel is the absolute best time to post on social media for maximum reach and engagement. Here are some of the findings “social media scientists” have made so far.

Check out the article to learn the Best Times to Post on Social Media to find out the best times to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WordPress.

#socialmedia #facebook #twitter #wordpress #linkedin
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In spite of the rain and soggy shoes, there’s something about the fiery colors of fall that make for a spectacular experience. Here are 5 places you shouldn't miss.

#travel #travelagency #fall

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The failure rates of startups are as high as ever. In fact, Forbes claims that 8 of every 10 businesses will never make it. Even worse, they’ll be wiped out of the market by the first 18 months.

So how do you ensure your solopreneurship gets off to a good start to boost the likelihood of success? Here’s what I learned along the way, and how you too, can beat the odds.

#entrepreneur #solopreneur
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Why You Need a Social Media Manager for your Brand

The first time someone hired me to manage their social media, I thought they must be joking. Really? You want to pay me to tweet, and post memes on Facebook?? Basically what I do on my own in my spare time, anyway?

But when I logged into the client’s account, I realized that social media skills don’t just come easily to everyone. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a professional to manage your social media accounts.

#socialmedia #branding #marketing

--- +Alexis Chateau
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Question: If you could travel to anywhere in the world this very second, where would it be -- and why?

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Question: What's the most awesome destination you have visited so far? --and why?
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