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Hey everyone! A relative of mine is going to Brock U and has helped create a study/survey on Canadian media preferences and attitudes. She is having difficulty getting hits/takers on the survey. If anyone is interested in helping and has 15-20m of spare time to do the survey it would be greatly appreciated! You also have a chance to win a $20 Tim's gift card by participating!

Here is the link:

It would be greatly appreciated by her and I if you check it out.


Edit - I guess I should specify that this is meant for Canadian citizens only please, thanks!

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Op: Big Blue "C"

Oh boy what an adventure, where to begin? Ever since OP: Canadian Blue Shield and unite 8 I have always wanted to cover Canada in blue. I made so many great friends during that op who went on to become global leaders and do amazing things in this game and i can truly say i think this operation will be no different. Canada being the world's second largest country i knew this would be no short task but Resistance was up for the challenge!

About 6 months ago i had a friend and fellow resistance agent +Peter B   travel to Dawson City, Yukon. He messaged me while he was there and i immediately asked him to start gathering keys. I knew this would be a great starting point. Little did i know that because of the distance, i had no way of charging the portal. Time to start looking. With the help of +Dean Reeds  i was able to successfully find agents on the west coast with the same keys that would keep the portals alive. but then i realized that the portal peter had gotten me keys for was not a high enough level to make the link distance to the other anchors that i chose. Another problem was, if i wanted to connect the 2 northern portals, I had to have someone there at throw time. Enter my brother +Mat B  and an ingress beast. Since at the time we did not have an agent in Iqaluit, he decided to take on the monumental adventure of driving the 6000+ KM round trip journey to dawson city from Banff, Alberta right in the middle of winter. Like i said, BEAST. Planning began. 

We all know that there has been some trouble with spoofers in this game on both sides. These actions in the game ruin the game and defeat the very purpose of it and is not tolerated by myself or my op team. To avoid any doubt of the amazing feats accomplished in this op i have asked all agents who went on extreme trips for this, to take selfies and area shots at their target portals. You can find them in the shots below. When i say extreme, i mean EXTREME. I can't list all of the travellers here because there were just too many who went above and beyond for this, but here are a few. Obviously +Mat B  b and his insane trip. A one way trip to Dawson from his location was 3330 km. No stranger to long haul drives, the desolate nature of this drive proved to be more difficult than he thought. Planning on certain gas stations/motels along the way only to find them closed down and in temperatures of - 30 C when he got there, left his mind playing tricks on him. Packing survival gear and an extra 50 L of gas in the trunk was a good idea. 2 cars and zero buildings or signs of civilization in 1000 km of driving is nuts. I stayed in constant touch with him every day and am glad to say he made the journey in a safe manner. He is currently on his way home but has blown a transmission seal in Teslin lake yukon. just south of white horse. he is fine. His adventure continues.

Second person that made an incredible journey in this op and saved the western link is +Keo O  When a link went up in northern BC that blocked the op, I was able to have the Alaska side of it taken down by +mike McCabe but there was one small portion that was hundreds of km from any blue agent. She selflessly agreed to book a plane ticket, car rental, hotel and a BGAN (Sat phone) to goto this troublesome portal for link removal. Amazing. I am happy to say that our team pulled together, collected donations and helped fund her trip, it just shows what teamwork can accomplish

others who made awesome and long haul drives of 5+ hours include +Deven E  (1500 km),  +joshua collinsc, +John Ta  , steve brousseau, +Dean Reeds  +Richard Bruce  +Paul Keeping  , +Teresa L  (delivered VRLA across the country) +Vytas Kezys  +Gord Scott  +Aleah McCorry  +Ron Wessels  (newfoundland transfer to ontario) +Mike McCabe  +Jeff Gardiner  (1500km) to the 60th parallel, +Hank beavis,  Michael KnightIm certain there are more. if i have forgotten your name i apologize, there are just so many.

Leading up to the last month of planning before the throw day we had a spoofer take out our anchor in Iqaluit. This was a big deal because it meant we would have to move keys again all over the country, to another Iqaluit portal that was still blue. Luckily +Jeff Gardiner  had friends there and was able to recruit a new agent who would flip the portal before throw time. We were back on track.

I had zone leaders set up all over the country in 19 zones. i left it to them to decide what strategy they wanted to use for rails and false ops. They also did all the recruiting in their zones and made their clearing teams and strategies in the months before throw day. this way i only had to manage the leaders in these zones and not the entire op. What an amazing job they all did! There were false fields that went up all over the country, protecting our lanes. Huge fields and rails like the ones in Washington, sorthern, central, and southern Ontario. Great strategy by Newfoundland, Vermont, Michigan, Wisconsin, Sudbury and Sault Sainte Marie. Also, Ottowa agents going way north to kill stuff and make fields. Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota were outstanding and let's not forget British Columbia. Amazing strategy by Andy s on Victoria. Also as always, the well planned rails in Yellowknife. I have so many stories of meticulous planning by so many people for this op. i wish i could mention them all. 

Of course I needed help to stay in touch with all of these folks so i recruited +Chris Thiessen  +Brad Garner  and +vn Bedard-Tremblay  to be my national coordinators. Without these fellas, we could not have pulled off what we did. 

Ok, throw day. For the past 3 days leading up to this point, everything was looking awesome. We had all blocking links accounted for and there were no real “oh crap” moments. It seemed like it was almost going to go very smooth because of all the preparation. But of course, knowing ingress and the nature of the game, i knew this would not be the case. All day i was quite nervous just waiting to hear that there is some crazy blocker in the middle of nowhere that we wouldn't be able to get. That never came. I was glued to intel from the moment i woke up until the moment I got in the car to head to niagara falls. I was in touch with every leader, co leader, coordinator and a lot of boots. Checking and re checking. we were GO. I went mobile at 5:00 PM EST and handed off the op to +Dave Garnier  and my trusty national coordinators. 

As we got to our anchor i started hearing chatter of new blockers in southern Ontario and washington but nothing that wasn't manageable. It was starting to get tense. We were checking our keys and making sure everyone knew where they had to throw to. Of course every time a blocker went down, a new one would go up. We got the go ahead to flip our portal and add the VRLA.  The southern lane wasn't quite clear yet but the central lanes and eastern were all, go. We decided last minute to change the link order and go ahead and throw, hoping we would clear the southern lane to complete the western field. Links thrown and 2 of the 3 fields were up before checkpoint. We were also able to get the link from Dawson City to Victoria up as well. Now we knew it was a time crunch as our last lane was very obvious. Suddenly blockers into the mountains. We had an agent en route but there was a bad traffic accident and he got stopped. Had he been able to get by, we would have fired the last link. Cue duluth. The folks in duluth gave us one hell of a run for our money. Once we cleared the mountain links these guys started linking up and down the highway. we were watching from a tablet in the freezing cold. We would take down a link, then another would go up and so on and so on. Finally after battling for an hour, it seemed we were getting on top of it and about to win the battle. We were far past checkpoint by this time but it didn't matter. We just wanted the field up. So as the last Duluth blocker came down, a random lone link popped up in Bemidji. The entire lane across the country was clear except this one link. It seemed to us that a random Enlightened agent was just out playing the game and had no idea what he had done. We looked and looked but had nobody anywhere near this blocking link. We decided to call off the final field. Little did we know that our anchors would last for almost 8 hours and we could have had someone go get it but by that time the rest of the lane would have been surely clogged up.

So, in closing i'd like to say that in my eyes, this op was a huge success! We did get 2 out of 3 fields up. the largest field (size wise)  thrown in canada. We all got to throw massive links and i'm pretty sure we set a record for keeping a Giga field up over populated area. Almost 8 hours and 2 checkpoints. The biggest thing i wanted to have happen in this op was get my brother to close the central field and he did. it makes it all worth it in my eyes. 

i want to thank every single person who spent the last couple of months planning and executing such a momentous operation. When people ask me how I pulled it off, I’ll say it was you. it was my teammates that made this happen from the top to the bottom. Not me. The team work, camaraderie, persistence and quality of people who were involved in this were second to none. There was always someone willing to tackle a new problem when it came up and there was always 2 or 3 people willing to help that person. This group of people are the epitome of the word team and it was my privilege to stand alongside you. This was my final operation, i'm glad i did it with you fine people.

*please forgive anyone missing, its bound to happen. 
credit goes to:*

National Coordinators

West coast - Chris Thiessen / Barry Tikkanen
Central - Brad Garner / dave garnier / tim thesweet
East coast - VN / Andrew Wagner
+Jake Broo  was everywhere! thanks jake.

IO Leads:

Zone 1 Andrew Jones  / Aaron G / Mike L / Eric Cranley
Zone 2 Dean Reeds  
Zone 3 Adam Hoang / jason elliot / tom golightly  
Zone 4 Deven E / Amy John
Zone 5 Neil Klassen / Niki AxonGlitch
Zone 6 Frederic Perras  
Zone 7  N/A
Zone 8 TheHamlinHooker  (rock star)
Zone 9 Megan Guynn / Jake St.Amour
Zone 10 Anon  
Zone 11 John Ta   
Zone 12 Richard Bruce 
Zone 13 Anon   
Zone 14 Paul Keeping  
Zone 15 Jeff Gardiner  
Zone 16 Andy S / Dan Smith
Zone 17 Lynz Taylor / Jackie Grove  
Zone 18 Kyle Slivnik / Derik Arneson / Aleah McCorry
Zone 19 Joe Ladd / robert grizzell


Steve B
Mat B
Richard Bruce
Kevin Jones
Bill Strong
Chris Powell

Key moves:

Gord Scott (calgary), Richard Bruce (Newfoundland), Paul Keeping (Newfoundland)
Peter B (Dawson City Yukon), Mat B, Chris Lynck (Victoria BC)
Chantelle Stephenson (victoria BC), Teresa L (to Calgary), Brad Garner (bison)
Ron Wessels (Newfoundland), Andy S (B.C. to Alberta), jacob pope (BC)
fidel castro (yukon key from seattle),deven (ontario keys), brent smith (ontario keys)
amy john(ontario keys), vytas keys (ontario,BC,Yukon), mott scarshall (pickup in calgary)
victoria woodcock (edmonton to calgary) (B.C. to Alberta),brian dawes (pickup in calgary from andy s and deliver to vytas and gord, leah mccorry (long drive to calgary)

The soldiers: 

JHACollins, Unclebeldin, Kijuju, Ccoulomb, AlexESTO, Dreambox, notnixxon, Flogator, JayBourne, Solus, Thorinside, LoneWuulf, Sabrz, colourist, Jestor007, Elvador, C4RB0N , Roftnai, TigerBL00D, gunnz77, BIGkron, officeboy , Netrunner72, filemaniac, nightrider2001, HankBeavis, CpTnKoSHeR, flashmacattack, stealthycat, fourofeight, Therren, batman83, Freedomgundam29, nicksubie90, Nikdu, Skyboard64, JosephEBushey, Chipati, Rajde, SonofReemus, MetalDream, Ma1aKai, defrisselle, Rio5, MumChaos, PyroOrth, caretbaggerMT, TemptressRed, cannon69, PyroQueen, Daevest, Ba1r0g, kevinsbane, DoubleJet, snakelizard, Tiso, Javipoo420, FuzzyCactus, YasserWZW, Thor55, Roftnai, UnHolyPurifier, Xtreetrunksx, Hjm8872, Srkice, rustedfrmthrain, SNRAUTOMATOR, GlitterSmurf, CrabbyLobster, ChesireCat70.

I know there are many more agents who did not fill in the roster form. Sorry if your name got missed. Thank you for everything you have done as well. Please feel free to add your story to the comments below. I know there are so many more amazing tales to tell. Also, my PC died tonight so i lost a lot of info and pictures. I got back what i could.
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