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John Janek
Federal IT, Security, Acquisitions, and Foreign Affairs
Federal IT, Security, Acquisitions, and Foreign Affairs

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Disclaimer - my opinion. Does not represent the views of my employer or any other person or organization. (originally posted by me on Facebook -

I'm not one to normally expound on things or pontificate on a subject, but if you see this - share it. This is the sacrifice that these Diplomats made on your behalf. People who were murdered - people without armor, and quite realistically without arms (I know Sean and the Ambassador were most likely not carrying). People who died because they believed that the best way to make us safer is through communication and understanding. They were murdered by those who didn't see eye to eye on the same subject, in a world where you can fly half-way across in the span of hours, or see a colleague in real-time in Afghanistan over a video camera despite 9,000 miles of seperation. They were murdered by people afraid of a future where human dignity and respect translates into a freedom to speak our mind, and our heart. It means being able to listen to something so enraging that it makes your blood boil - and yet walk away knowing that you have the freedom to make up your own mind, and determine your own beliefs and destiny. They were murdered by people who believe that freedom doesn't include this ability. They were murdered by a small minority who wish to see the majority cowed and subjugated. Scared and cornered. Controlled through murder and mayhem, because no other way can control the freedom they so fear.

Today, we carry the burden to continue their work. Because they no longer can, we who remain owe to their memory the necessity of making good on their promise. We honor them in the best way we know by continuing in their footsteps, in the hopes that one day, perhaps, we can all live in a world where murder over the concept of freedom cannot, and will not, be tolerated. To those lost: Rest well in your peace, knowing that your work will continue, and we shall not be deterred. Your memory will always be preserved for the very things which you worked, and died, for are eternal.

Social survey time. People have been after me dor years to start a blog. Think I should? it true that Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day are floating around here? Also - great talk with GTRI about OSS in the federal space.

Back in the saddle. Weekend sure went too fast. Never thought I'd be the one typing on actablet in front of the TV.

I bought a Samsung 10.1 today. What an amazing piece of engineering. Now if I could just find the time to continue my hobby work with learning to write apps for Android.

Went and looked at all the mainstream tablets at Best Buy tonight - Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an awesome piece of engineering.

Last couple of days of R&R. Thanks for the invite James! Looks and feels a lot like facebook. Wonder if the stronger restrictions will result in a better product (and more data mining goodness for Google). On the plus side, my University was already populated in the list - go go WGU!
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