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The lack of a proper iOS app is rendering this google+ experience pointless. 
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or revealing the need for people to drop iOS......
Is that criticism I hear? You shouldn't let Don see this.
You do realize they released it today, right?
well that worked better than me scaring my chicken into laying an egg.
I'm actually reading this from w in the iPhone app... More to come
I didn't think I included don in that circle. This is awkward. Seriously though, no iPad compatible app? What the deuce?
Good to know I'm not intended to be in Tim's public circle. On the other hand, this thing is a competitor to Facebook... Much like Kia is to Ford. They better watch out ;)
Don, I don't understand your response/insult. Which makes it even more insulting.
Google+ has a way to go before it can "compete" w Facebook, that's all. I thought the relationship between Kia and Ford would hit close to home - they both make cars, but come on - it's a Kia
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