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Tight butts
Wife: Do we have tight butts? Me: Not sure about you, but I confirmed have. W: Why can't I have yours? M: Not easy, must work on it. W: I can just buy what! M: You very rich and lazy. W: What you talking? Can get very easy in shopping mall, Chinatown might ...

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The dark side
There are seedy places here that the powers that be, would rather they
remain in the dark, literally. Whenever I have my primal needs in the
wee hours, I would try to fight my urges so as to avoid the unsavory
characters that rule the night. So instead o...

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Stay United
Nothing can forcibly tear me away from United - a brand that I've loved over the decades. I'm sure they will fly again from their latest setback and we fans should rally behind Jose. We are talking about the same United right?

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This Singapore nerd's musings on himself (part 12 photo journal)
  I sorry I shouldn't have probed. It is tough for people with split personality to find work. Kudos to Samsung for employing them. The Police should update this theft prevention placard since no smart
thief would dress so conspicuously like a character fr...

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I'm all for the Beauty of an inclusive society and against the Beasts who opposed it

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96 hours
With perseverance and patience, great things can happen to anyone. After
96 hours of anguish, I finally receive my reward - Friday is here.

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Five things I've learnt during the 10-day Kansai trip:
Five things I've learnt during the 10-day Kansai trip: 1. You can still get food poisoning in a First World country like Japan if you are unlucky like me. Thus it is imperative to have insurance coverage and a flexible itinerary to make last-minute changes....

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Winston's running equation
weekend long run + chips binge = happiness Happiness + guilt = evening run tonight

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Feeling blue in a sea of red as the world fades to black

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Bitchy whore
Filipino president Duterte scolded his American counterpart Obama using
the Tagalog expression "putang ina" which can mean "son of a whore" or
"son of a bitch". To me, these two words are never interchangeable. If
you are dealing with a whore, you are lo...
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