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The Entrepreneurship School (TES) offers #1 Program for Startups, Founders and Entrepreneurship.
The Entrepreneurship School (TES) offers #1 Program for Startups, Founders and Entrepreneurship.

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Glorifire - An exciting App developed by K-12 student of Startup India
In the last decade, we saw, young entrepreneurs like Sachin Bansal, Kunal Bahl and Ritesh Agarwal take the Indian economy by storm. Therefore, when Prime Minister Modi kickstarted the Startup India in January 2016, we all said that it is the best time to start a new venture in India.

At that moment, no one seriously ever thought that startups would percolate to schools, even though there were a few sops in the policy for schools. However, the grand vision has begun throwing interesting possibilities. Take the case of Bhargavi Goel, a young and very bright student of Delhi Public School at Vasant Kunj in New Delhi.

Since March 2016, when Bhargavi Goel got elected as the Head Girl of DPS, she started dreaming of taking the Startup India vision to schools, when she hit upon the problem statement that while young school students are full of ideas, majority of it gets lost as there is no supporting ecosystem or process to take these bright ideas forward. A few round of brainstorming with teachers and peers, led Bhargavi towards the idea of creating, GLORIFIRE, a mobile based platform that would allow students to record and share their innovation projects on a social platform, which could be made available to other students, teachers and mentors to facilitate collaboration.

Sometime in the autumn of 2016, one of our mentors at The Entrepreneurship School, a school for startups, founders and entrepreneurship, connected Bhargavi with us. In our first meeting, we hurriedly provided some suggestions and some encouragement to the school student and left it there. However, within a fortnight, my cofounder Masroor Lodi, received a call from Bhargavi asking for more help, when one thing led to another.It was early November, when he shared the story of Bhargavi at our Mentor Council,

" She is very young. But her idea of Glorifire as a youth empowerment platform that allows every student to translate their dreams into a startup is very powerful".
He further nudged, "We must bring this girl at The Entrepreneurship School... The sole purpose of our existence is to provide structured incubation to anyone who is serious about building their startup."

We knew that entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging human endeavours. Not only it requires careful mentoring, but also working diligently with a firm focus on a journey of thousand steps, full of pitfalls. Therefore, we started working a bit more with Bhargavi to help her sort out the challenges of mobile app development. It was obvious that a teenager wouldn't know everything about apps - its programming, feature building, use case development and even usability design.

However, where there is will there is way. Bhargavi kept pushing the envelope. By December 2016, she was ready with a working version of the app, when we decided, she should be adopted by TES for the incubation. The free Glorifire app is available on Google Play for download.

Potentially, it is high impact venture, that fits well the Prime Minister’s Startup India vision. This can be adopted by all schools to help bright young children share exciting ideas and guide them in their entrepreneurial ambitions.

But, selecting a very young kid for incubation wasn't an easy decision. Considering young people tend to shift their interest in several things all at a time, therefore, the efforts required to work on a serious startup venture with young kids is exponentially higher. But, the passion of Bhargavi tilted the decision in her favour.

We are impressed with the single-minded focus of Bhargavi, her understanding of the problems faced by adolescent school-goers and her drive to ensure every child find meaning with their ideas and projects to realize their dreams on Glorifire.

The story of Bhargavi reinforces the belief, that if anyone is passionate about what they are doing, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.

This is the story of New India. A country ready to take the world by storm.
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Kishore Biyani vs Sachin Bansal - What a DEBATE! WOW!!

Biyani - ecom retailers spend 53% of revenue as cost of business vs. 15% for +bigbazaar futuregroup

SACHIN - We expect online retail to cross $100bn soon.+flipkart offer
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Free Basics - The Emperor is naked
A blog by Mr. +Sanjeeva Shivesh, CEO, +The Entrepreneurship School

#FreeBasics from +Facebook has been an interesting tussle.
Of giant entrepreneurs and ordinary entrepreneurs
A tussle for controlled internet or an internet with open and equal access.
By the powerful few and the rest.

Ruthlessly smart guys at Facebook, Reliance and Airtel packaged it as a generosity to bring 1 billion poor people into a connected world of internet.

+Mark Zuckerberg said, "a billion people in India don't have access to the internet.. connecting them can help lift people out of poverty, create millions of jobs and spread education opportunities"

Ordinary chaps like us saw through the sinister designs of large corporations and vehemently protested.
... a new East India Company
... do not confuse "free" with "freedom"
... Citizen Kane

A new #THINKPOL, the Orwellian "THOUGHT POLICE" was emerging.
And most of you remained silent.

Facebook splurged Indian media and it is easy to get a few starving and greedy journalists write for the pros of "free basics". Have no doubt, India has several things missing. But that is a matter of citizens choice... and some of those things are purely government's responsibility. You just cannot start distributing FREE COLA, if poor people do not get clean water.

But, big corporations and their marketing agencies packaged FREE BASICS so well that 18 Lakh Indians signed on-line petitions in support of Facebook.
This was plain STUPID. I really was AGHAST.

Thankfully, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, acted admirably. Following due process. All sides heard. Substance prevailed over fake-emails.

No doubt, Mark Zuckerberg is "DISAPPOINTED... connecting India is an important goal we won't give up on". That was smartly packaged PR communication.

But, the frustrations with TRAI decision is now showing at Facebook.

Marc Andreessen, a venture capitalist, is a Director on Facebook Board. Yesterday, he tweeted:
“Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now?”

That's shameful Marc. Later he has apologised. So has Zuckerberg.

Citizens of India have right to decide the destiny of this nation, not a venture capitalist sitting in Silicon Valley.

But, dear Indians, it it time for introspection. Time that we re-read the history lessons.

Time that we WAKE UP.

Comments are WELCOME.
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We love entrepreneurship.

Here's an amazing story of ‪#‎education‬ ‪#‎entrepreneurship‬. ‪#‎KISS‬ and ‪#‎KIIT‬University is the outcome of the passionate vision and solid determination of Dr. Achyuta Samanta to educate 10 million people by 2020.
To execute a grand vision, he just had Rs. 5000 in his pocket. But, as we say, where there is will, there is way.
Salute to the spirit of entrepreneurship, social and technological progress of Dr. Samanta of +kiit university,
We are inspired.
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#JustAsk - a WALK-IN #MENTORING Program, every Saturday in Gurgaon for early stage #entrepreneurs and #startups at, It's GRATIS :)
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Mr. +Sanjeeva Shivesh CEO, +The Entrepreneurship School speaking on the ‪#‎Budget2016‬ of +DD News Live
Please share your Budget expectations from the FM.
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Try, Try, Try... do not let your dreams die.
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