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Canal boater, journalist


Where can I find how to work Feedly?  I used Google reader for several years, but when it closed down I signed up to Feedly.

However, in the last year I've just been completely unable to work the damn thing, and I've pretty much left RSS unused. 

But I do need to use RSS again. 

I tried googling for feedly tutorial, and got things like but frankly they still don't work for me. I don't understand ANY of the suggestions from a googling of "feedly tutorial", despite being quite expert at using Google Reader. 

I noticed there's a premium edition at $5month, and I might be tempted to use it, only I can't even use the free version, so what's the point of subscribing? 

Is there a Feedy for Dummies? I've never needed a 'For Dummies' for anything before! 


Is there a 'getting started' tutorial for Feedly.  After several months I still can't work out how to use it - and I was pretty familiar with Google Reader, so it's not basic RSS knowledge I need.

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Got this as a popup in Google maps. The first ad as a popup. I wonder how long before we all get irritated to hell by map popup ads?
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