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Izabela Latak-Grzesik
Graphic Designer in Kivano
Graphic Designer in Kivano

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My nephew playing Mini's Magic World.

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Since some time I'm leading a secret community for small game developers :) Recently we decided to reveal as a group in social media :) You can follow us if you are interested in watching game development news ;)
By following only this one profile you will get news from ten cool game-devs  :)
#gamedev #indiedev #indiegame #games  

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hooray!!! :)
We also released GIMP 2.8.18 with a fix of a security issue and several bugfixes. Again, Windows installer to follow later this week.

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I'm happy :)
Quirky puzzler Marble Machine offers up quite a challenge, out now on iOS & Android:

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Hello everyone! :)
I would like to show you an icon from our new game "Marble Machine"  - of course, done in Inkscape.
Game models (mean textures) and ui also is made in inkscape :)

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Our new game is available! 30 levels for free :) get it now :)
powered by #godot #inkscape #gimp #blender and #ubuntu  
We are happy to announce that our newest game "Marble Machine" is now available on iOS, Google Play and Anazon Underground!
Marble Machine is simple yet addictive puzzle game in which you will need to build a path and lead the ball through the labyrinth.
There are sixty puzzles inside, which should be enough for couple hours of play! Soon we will release next puzzle packs with a lot more puzzles :)
Also did we mention that there is no ads in this game and after testing it, you can pay for it how much you want?
What are you waiting for?
Get it NOW! :)
#gamedev #puzzle #marble

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step by step on a panel of the future episode of Pepper&Carrot #pencil #krita
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Summer picnic sale :)
Summer picnic sale is here! Grandpa's Table is there as well, so we are happy to invite you to try it! Get it while it's hot, 35% cheaper now!
#games #puzzles  
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