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Tips On food photography.

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Legend says that if a dead polar bear was treated properly by the hunter, it would share the good news with other bears so they would be eager to be killed by him. Bears would stay away from hunters who failed to pay respect.
Other legends told of strange polar-bear men that lived in igloos, walked upright, and were able to talk. Natives believed they shed their skins in the privacy of their homes

This Nanook smells a seal under the ice. Unfortunately for the bear, the ice is too thick. =) 

Watch video:
Mother Polar Bear and Cubs Emerging from Den - BBC Planet Earth
Animated Photo

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The latest additions to the Burberry Spring/Summer 2014 campaign featuring London tailoring, relaxed silhouettes and bright white accessories
The Burberry Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign
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Cherestes Janos commented on a video on YouTube.
awesome shoes :) and video.

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So ahem… attention REALTORS.
yes, you.
I am talking to you.

I shot a house today, that I found… listed by another realtor.
Now - not to criticize anyone,
but um… yeah.
I think hiring a professional photographer next time…
may be worth it.
Before and Afters. Same house.


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Great one.
Men in suits aim high.

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Ooooh yeah:)
WIN Trip To Milan + Drive A Supercar At The World Famous Monza Circuit With +Need for Speed

#needforspeed   #competition   #milan   #racing   #monzatrackday   #supercar   #film   #topman   #topmangeneration   #giveawaway  

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fashion stuff!
Meet the star of "The Fringe." One bag. Endless possibilities.

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New project finished more to come!
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