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Crossing Italy
Providing you with the best web resources for travel, tourism and vacations including regional information for italian destinations.
Providing you with the best web resources for travel, tourism and vacations including regional information for italian destinations.

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Golfo degli Aranci in Sardinia: what to visit - Golfo degli Aranci (Gulf of Oranges), also known as Figari in Sardinian, is a town in the province of Olbia  and, therefore, an integral part of that wonderful paradise that is the Gallura. It is one of the top holiday destinations of the exclusive Sardinian summer. The small town, which in summer is filled with tourists and colour, offers a lot to those who visit it and, therefore, we will launch into a virtual adventure to discover all the b...

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The most beautiful beaches of the Tremiti - Tremiti islands, or Diomede Islands, are located in the Adriatic Sea and, to be precise, they are 22 km from the coast of Gargano and 45 km from Molise. It is, as well as an archipelago of several islands, of an Italian town which administratively reports to the province of Foggia and that is completely enclosed in the Gargano National Park. Among other things, the Tremiti islands from 1989 are a natural marine reserve. It is a very small town, bu...

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Otranto, Apulia, South Italy
Baia dei Turchi a Otranto 

Vedi tutto su

Ecco 3 spettacolari foto di Baia dei Turchi a Otranto. Di oggi!
L'autore è il bravissimo +Salvatore Coluccia che vi invito a Seguire.

e se non lo avete ancora fatto seguite anche +Nel Salento 

#salento   #nelsalento   #otranto  
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The most beautiful beaches of eastern Sicily - Do you want to discover the most beautiful beaches of eastern Sicily, you have to start by saying that they will consider the area between Messina and Pachino. In a nutshell, that part of Sicily overlooking the Ionian Sea! Included in this part of the island, located in the provinces of Messina, Catania and Syracuse, for a total of over 250 km of coastline. These numbers are already showing that it is a wonderful area, with...

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The beaches of Ponza - The island of Ponza is one of the most beautiful in Italy and for this reason has always been a destination for tourists looking for a holiday by the sea and fun, because it is an island very organized from the point of view receptive. Administratively part of the province of Latina and has about 3,000 inhabitants that live permanently on the island all year round. Ponza is the largest of the islands of Ponza which includes Palmarola, Gavi and Zan...

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The beaches of Northern Sardinia - Now you can say loudly that Sardinia has entered fully into the list of the most beautiful regions of this beautiful country and especially thanks to beautiful scenery, but also the folklore and traditions that have always characterized a place that for many is be a real happy island. Long gone are the days when it was thought to an isolated and remote island. Today Sardinia is easily reachable by ferry connections (click here), which ...

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The Park of La Maddalena - Photo CC-BY by Bruno Cordioli Sardinia is one of the Italian regions that tourism has explored at most. Without it, the island would probably ruined. Fortunately it helps the economic present of  a beautiful sea and indeed it is an opportunity to explore many beautiful and unique natural beauty as the National Park of La Maddalena, which opens like a fan in front of the coast of Palau, with its gentle coves protected from the dangers of the op...

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Lipari: a trip to the Aeolian Islands - Lipari is located in the province of Messina and was formerly known as Lipara, name coming from the ancient Greek and that means “rich, fertile, fat”. Among the Aeolian Islands Lipari is the largest and is also rich in beauty must-see, both from the point of view of landscape and from that monumental. Here is to be discovered and everything returns to the sea and its tradition. Even the architecture is that of a town that lives on...

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A beautiful picture of OTRANTO in South of Apulia, Italy 
Una splendida foto del Centro Storico di Otranto #nelsalento  

Visitate se avete intenzione di passare le vostre vacanze ad #Otranto ,   ci trovate un sacco di proposte.

La foto è stata scattata da +Salvatore Coluccia    (che vi invitiamo a seguire perché merita davvero) è stata scattata i primi di Gennaio ed in effetti sembra una foto da presepe (in senso positivo).

Se vi piace condividetela con i vostri amici.

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Porto Empedocle: a splendid town in Sicily - We are again in Sicily, visiting today Porto Empedocle and  “a’ Marina”, also known as Girgenti. Porto Empedocle is a country of over 16,000 inhabitants, located in the province of Agrigento, the provincial capital which is nearby. But remember that Porto Empedocle is not just sun, sea and beaches, but it is also the birthplace of two great Italian authors: Luigi Pirandello and Andrea Camilleri are, in fact, born right here. ...
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