As I'm doing my testing of #MountainLion, I wanted to see if other early adopters had encountered any of these issues:

• Have you seen any changes in your laptop's battery life since upgrading to Mountain Lion? On a MacBook Air, it dropped by a bit over an hour in my first test, the night after installing ML.

• How is it doing at recognizing your printers? My copy doesn't seem to see the Canon WiFi printer/scanner that works, sort of, in Lion (except when it returns some idiotic "communication error" to the Mac).

• Any crashes or freezes? I had it fail to come out of sleep once--the cursor would appear for a moment on a black screen, then nothing would happen--but that's it so far.

• How do you grade the accuracy of the dictation? 

• Does it seem faster? Snappier, even? 

Other comments welcome, of course. 
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