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Kimberly Mattina
Always willing to learn something new! I love everything tech!
Always willing to learn something new! I love everything tech!

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New Feature of Google Sites: Group
Google released a new feature in Google Sites.  Finally it will be easier to create text boxes and move them under images, similar to a caption.  Personally, I am so happy they implemented this new feature.  I had such a hard time formatting my page because...

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What is it? EquatIO is a Chrome extension that will allow you to create mathematical expressions or equations using dictation or typing from your keyboard or touchscreen. You need to download it from the Chrome Web store. Implementation This extension will ...

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RECENT Update to Google Classroom. Personal Google accounts can create classes.

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A FREE Technology Curriculum offered by Google
Google is now offering a FREE technology curriculum for grades 7-12.  These courses offer students a project based learning environment with meaningful lessons, instructional videos, and hands-on activities that teach students how to use G Suite application...

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NEW Feature: Custom Colors in Google Sites
Google has just released a new feature for Google Sites.  Now, you have the ability to use custom colors in the theme of your site.  You can select a color from the color pallet or you can enter the hex code of the color.  The website theme will change to t...

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A Review of FotoJet
I was recently asked to review  FotoJet  which is an online application that will allow you to create collages, graphic designs, and enhance photos with a photo editor.  It provides many amazing projects such as photo cards, social media graphics, posters, ...

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How to Give Feedback using Google Keep
Did you try to use Google Keep to provide feedback to your students?  If not, I recommend that you try it.   Google Keep is a Chrome App that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and installed in your Google profile.  It is an app that will allow you...

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The Debut of The Suite Talk
There's a new talk show in town called The Suite Talk hosted by me and Brian Costello.   Our mission for this show is to provide our audience with information about G Suite for Education updates, and how they can be integrated into the classroom.  We will a...

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Keep informed on Computer Science EDU
I recently presented at our in house Edcamp on the importance of Computer Science Education 4 all ages. Currently, in New Jersey, high schools are not required to offer Computer Science education.  It is not even a high school graduation requirement.  Howev...

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GSFE Update: New Formatting Tool in Google Docs
A new G Suite for Education update has enhanced user's experience in Google Docs.  Now, users have the ability to covert text to uppercase, lowercase, and title case in Google Docs.   Uppercase will convert all highlighted text to UPPERCASE Lowercase will c...
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