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Hooray, we're 7 billion strong! The zombie apocalypse is gonna be AWESOME! Happy Halloween!

Had yet another argument w/Little A this morning over her school outfit. Little A: "It doesn't matter if I match, it matters that I'm me, being me." Yeah, she won this one.

I was helping to dictate sentences about paintings this morning in Little A's classroom. My favorite: "I think I drew apples but it might be abstract." Kindergarteners rule!

Rob called me "webmistress" because I'm helping him tweak/fix the site he's building for Ren's orchestra. I like it. It sounds so domineering/mysterious. Unfortunately, it's tedious. Also, my middle finger hurts and it's not from flipping off the computer.

WHY must my children's Halloween costume requests be so obscure. Dr. Horrible and "Victoria the white cat from CATS." Really kids, REALLY? Couldn't you just be happy w/mad scientist and black cat?

We've just spent 4 glorious dirt covered/off the grid days in nature on our 1st official Whiting family (plus Yoshi) camping trip at Big Basin. Already miss it but it's nice to shower w/out having to wear flip-flops.

How do you get 3 tween boys dressed and in a car when they've put themselves on a pillow fight/video game/Lego/wrestling rotation? Oh, and one boy declared "I'm not showering the entire week to save time." And we're going some place fun too!

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