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Lanny Lin
Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity.
Curiosity, Imagination, Creativity.

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#Vivint Smart Home made NO. 22 on FastCompany's list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. So proud! 

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New year new beginning and new resolutions
Leave me comments so I know people are actually reading my blogs! Thanks! Man, I can't believe it has been almost four years since I last posted any blogs. Time really flies! First let me quickly summarize what I have been doing for the last three years and...

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Going to CES2017. Anyone else going? We can meet up!

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Mariano is a good friend! Please share a bit of help to this vineyards for its survival, and also reserve yourself a trip to the beautiful Mendoza, Argentina! And Messi is the best!!

When you don't handle exceptions correctly, your indoor drone flying program would crash, and you'll have to catch the drone in the mid air, wrestle the drone to the ground, and stick your finger between high-speed spinning propellers to switch it off...

Is it just me, or does iTune have the worst UI in the world?

Apple is really getting on my nerves these days! Two examples:
1. They let me use a charger cable for iPhone for a while, and then tell me the cable is not certified and disables the cable. Then I put in another charger cable, and the same thing happens. The cycle goes on and on just like Apple's address. Come on! This is not about the cable. This is about Apple's dictatorship.
2. They create all these folders with meaningless names for photos on iPhone, and throw photos into different folders. So it is a pain to try to find your photos. That's why I just do a search of *, so I can find my latest photos easily. Then I found out Apple doesn't let you cut the photo files from the search result screen. Again, Apple is trying to force people to use iTune to manage their files. Again, this is about Apple's dictatorship.

Apple, why do you have to be so evil!!

Disclaimer: I am only using an iPhone from work to test things. I also carry an Android phone with me at all times.

Tried windows 10 on four computers, each ran into some different problems. Guess Microsoft really shouldn't have skipped 9, and they are still under the curse of bad OS on every other version.

Man, Google Hangout is just not working for me. All kind of not working!! Maybe time to switch to a different IM client.
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