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Shweta Ganesh Kumar
Shweta Ganesh Kumar is a bestselling author and travel columnist. A former television correspondent, today she is a full-time Advocate of Sustainable Living.
Shweta Ganesh Kumar is a bestselling author and travel columnist. A former television correspondent, today she is a full-time Advocate of Sustainable Living.

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Though my husband and parents had been telling me to let go a little bit and find myself, I was under the impression that even spending a little bit of time for myself meant too much time away from her. Till I happened to go to a mindfulness meditation workshop where I sat still with my thoughts, for the first time in a very long time. And I realized everyone I cared about wanted me to be myself again and the only person in my way, was me. My daughter deserved a truly happy mother. My family deserved the old me back. And most of all, I owed it to myself to find myself again and bid regrets goodbye."
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"Society has always put the onus of being careful on the woman. Do not go out after a certain time. Dress a certain way. Do not attract attention.
Be careful. Be careful. Be careful.
And why should we be so careful?
For men are careless – they are allowed to be careless with other people’s emotions, bodies, lives and themselves. They are, to a great extent conditioned to be so. So much so that boys fail to see that they themselves could be victims too.
According to a study reported in Time Magazine, girls have a 1 in 4 chance of being molested and boys have a 1 in 6 chance of being molested before the age of 18. Research shows that males are less likely to report sexual abuse. Since boys are conditioned from an early age to be more physical, they are more hesitant to report abuse, considering it to be a part of being a boy rather than inappropriate behaviour. They don’t talk about it, as “talking and expressing your feelings are not what boys do”. That is for girls."
Read more on 'Why The Phrase ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Is Damaging Our Sons!'
My latest column for Women's Web.

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"I won’t lie. I too had bought into the ‘perfect mother’ fantasy early on in my days as a parent. When my first-born was just a few months old, we moved to a new country and I, who had a track record of doing well in my academics and career, decided that I would add ‘perfect mother’ to my resume. And surprise, surprise, I found myself drowning under the pressure of standards that no one could meet. I would make my daughter meals from scratch based on the nutritional requirement I was advised to meet for her. I would worry about the ‘right’ way and time to bathe her and help her sleep. I would play and sing with her, while my work languished. I sacrificed myself to such an extent to play the role of the perfect mother, that after a while there was nothing left in me to give. My social networks had me posting ‘happy pictures’ and one day, I realized that I too was perpetuating the myth of the perfect mother.
And it was time to stop. To stop believing that a “perfect” mother can exist – because she can’t. Because you know what? Perfection is over-rated. It is also dishonest and definitely not a reflection of who you truly are and what your life really is."
On aspiring to be the perfect mother for Baby Dove and's World Of Moms #ParentingColumn #TimesOfAmma 

"I think travel makes you a better person, and if you keep an open mind it offers so many opportunities for children to learn things that just can’t be taught in school. I love to travel even more now because it gives me an opportunity to bond with my daughter, away from daily schedules that we so often get caught in."
In conversation with 'Gypsy Mom: Vibha Ravi' on travelling with kids and travel in general.…/Gypsy-Moms-Featuring-Vibha-Ravi

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"Another suggestion I would make is to get the child involved in the planning. Smaller children can choose the type of location, for instance - beach or jungle. As they grow older, they can get involved even more, helping decide the places we want to visit. Involving the kids gives them a sense of responsibility, and an interest in the place they are visiting, so half your job is done even before you set out, because they WANT to go there!"
Read Featured Gypsy Mom, Anuradha Shankar's thoughts on travel and travelling with kids in the Times Of Amma today.
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In The Times Of Amma today, Saraswati Datar gives us 5 reasons why flying with kid makes you feel like a Bachchan with a baby. :)
Any frequent flying Moms here who would like to weigh in? #Motherhood #TravelWithKids #TimesOfAmma 

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Did you have an emergency C-section? Have you had people tell you things that made you roll your eyes?'s World Of Moms asked me to write about baseless things that Indian women believe about Emergency C-sections and here is my list!
Do you have anything to add?

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I had written this post Dear Girls on the rising tide of feminism in our country; and how sometimes we completely miss the real point and go with things like breaking free of traditions and such in the name of feminism. To this post I received a candid comment from someone who claimed to have done exactly the things I more or less objected to; and eventually having found her peace. It was a great comment as it took courage on the person’s part to come out and say what she did; and it also gave me a glimpse into the perspective of someone, the kind of who, I felt were taking feminism all wrong. It was humbling to realise that I can have a point of view and I can blog about it, but that doesn’t make it completely right."

Meet Mom Who Blogs Rashmi Raj of 'Ramblings Et All' on the Times Of Amma 'Mom Blogger-October' special series.

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