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“Inspiring through Innovation – Our company seeks to grow and expand, pioneer new technologies, and contribute to making our world a better place.”
“Inspiring through Innovation – Our company seeks to grow and expand, pioneer new technologies, and contribute to making our world a better place.”


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How can we get an instant relief of cough at home? What are the best home remedies for healing cough that will really help us as we enter the cold season and how to prepare them quickly?

Boiled apples tea

The boiled apples tea remedy is very powerful against stubborn cough and will help you get rid of it in a day or two if you drink a lot of it. Just cut the apples in big pieces with the seeds and the skin and boil them for more than ten minutes in as much water you need for the day. Then just drink it instead of water with honey or without.

Herbal teas

Thyme, peppermint and Iceland moss are the strongest herbs that will hep you with your cough. Just drink as much herbal teas as possible made of clean, fresh or structured water. The herbs will clear and heal your lungs and also have good effects on other organs in the body.

Boost immune system

You can get advantage from the new innovative technology that will help you boost your immune system, give you instant relief and be with you everywhere. It is a personal health device that combines the healing power of a laser, magnets and light. See more details here.

Home-made cough syrup

You can make it out of ginger, lemon, turmeric and honey. Stir all of the ingredients without the honey in hot water for several minutes, then filter the liquid in a jar and add honey. Take a spoon of this syrup many times per day as long as you need.

Other remedies

There are other things that will help you with the cough and cold symptoms. You can gargle with baking soda, salt and water three – four times per day to take out the toxins and heal the sore throat. You can add vanilla and cinnamon to your tea to make it stronger as they have anti-inflammatory qualities too. You could add these foods to your diet to get more vitamins and active ingredients: pine-apple, oranges, coconut oil, garlic and onions, aloe vera, chilli peppers.
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How can we feel warm and toned during the cold season? Are there any methods that will keep our blood circulation good and will boost our immune system, so we to spend a better winter?

When it is cold outside, it affects us in many ways, the body is fighting against the bad conditions, the immune system has a lot to work out as viruses are everywhere, our emotional state is also not the best one. So, what we could do to boost our immune system in order to spend a calm and nice winter?

Lots of tea and warm water

One of the best ways to keep the body warm is by drinking plenty of warm clean water and tea. The water that we make the tea with, should be fresh and even better if it is structured as then it has even more energy helping the body. A cup of tea is always a good idea during the winter – herbal, ginger, green, fruit. We can drink as much as it feels nice, just the black tea should not be more than two cups per day as it is too strong and could affect the heart.

Work it out

Your need your blood circulation to be good in order not to feel cold all the time during the winter, so working out is a magnificent method to get in shape and keep your blood running. All kinds of exercising routines are fine to make us feel toned and energetic.

Body conditioning

There is new technology device that combines the power of a laser, magnets and light and when used to on different points on the body, will condition your whole body and will boost your immune system. You can use it as when pain-relief is needed and to treat the symptoms if you catch a cold. See more details here.

Deep breathing and Spa

The deep breathing techniques are helping the oxygen to reach the cells so they to work effectively during the challenging cold days and are also good for the blood circulation. The spa procedures in warm water are healing the body if we feel cold and vague, the water is also good for the tight muscles and bones. We feel relaxed after visiting the spa center and the better emotional state is also helping us to recover from any disease.
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Do you want to feel young and energetic? And also, to look ageless, with bright skin and toned body? Are the anti-aging secrets connected with cosmetics or it is just an illusion?



Do you want to feel young and energetic? And also, to look ageless, with bright skin and toned body? Are the anti-aging secrets connected with cosmetics or it is just an illusion?

First of all, what is aging actually? The body is getting dehydrated, old and the cells are not reproducing due to toxins that are preventing the normal functions of the organs. But what is very important is that we are not only the body and if the mind or emotions are suffering, then we age rapidly too. So, that is the main reason why cosmetics is not working any time, people are different from the inside and that is why their aging is not the same either. What are the anti-aging secrets then?

Drink enough water

Or eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, drink green tea, fresh juices too but mainly water. You need clean, natural water to keep you healthy and full of energy. To drink structured water is even a better way to hydrate the cells and give them the water they need to work properly.

Move a lot

Not only the body needs the movement, but also the mind and the emotions will benefit from it. As the glands are producing more “happiness” hormones during the exercise, walking, running etc., it really feels good.

Boost your immune system

Just do it naturally - with better food, more sleep, exercise, detox. You can also use the healing combined power of a laser, magnets and light, as in this device – check more details here – in order to boost your body and help it fight the factors that cause aging and diseases.

Think young and set goals

And that is quite significant, we have to be alert and stay aware about what works and what doesn’t in our thinking. Not just to think positively in a fake way, but to see really where we are and where we want to be. If we set goals that we are passionate about, we would always have the energy and the drive to keep going, so the body will listen to these thoughts and will cooperate. If we perceive ourselves as young, then we will feel young and it will show.
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Depression and anxiety are wide spread due to the high-speed life that is leading to stress, emotional imbalance and unhealthy habits. If we want to heal these conditions naturally, we need to focus on eliminating the reasons rather than only fighting the symptoms.

In order to heal depression, we have to look at our gut brain, where most of the serotonin is produced and the other so-called “hormones of happiness”. The gut is the place where the emotional energy of the body is created, so any problem there will make us feel upset, unhappy and depressed. If we have any digestion problems, bloated abdomen, pains or constipation, most probably the “good” bacteria are not enough and we need more probiotics and alkaline environment for them to grow. How do we do that?

Plenty of water

We need to drink enough fresh, clean or structured water in order to support our alkaline/acid balance as the water is close to neutral and slightly alkaline, it helps most of the functions in the body. When we are not dehydrated the blood is running easily, the heart is working efficiently and all the other processes are taking place normally.

Technology that supports and not the opposite

We must never sleep with the phone near the head, should use hand-free when speaking on the phone and turn off the computer during the night. The bad radiation coming from the electronic devices like these, is harmful for the good bacteria in the body. We may use protection stickers for the phone and to use innovative technology to heal the body and the systems. There is a device that combines the power of the laser, magnets and light, in order to provide regeneration, healing and anti-aging effect (find out more here).

Exercise, deep breathing and new activities

When we exercise, run or do yoga, the muscles are tones but also the toxins are easily taken out of the cell, the heart is stimulated and the blood vessels are healed. The deep and calm breathing also has a significant role in making us feel relaxed and happy. The new activities are stimulating the brain to produce neurons links and we are feeling naturally excited, motivated and energetic. All of this is having a very good effect on our emotional condition, more "happiness" hormones are produced and our body is also feeling better and healthy.
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What we eat or drink in the morning is quite significant for our metabolism and health, so we need to be careful about our choice of breakfast and the whole routine after we wake up. How to start the day in order to feel energetic and help the body to get rid of the toxins?


One of the best things early in the morning, just after we get up, is a glass of warm water as it will speed up the cleansing of the waste products from the previous day out of the intestines. It is better if it is spring, fresh or structured water so it could be well absorbed by the cells, hydrating the body.

Alkaline liquids

The best alkaline liquids are water with fresh lemon juice, water with propolis, with baking soda and also the green tea. They will help you if you feel bloated in the morning as they will regulate your acid/alkaline balance in the body. A personal health device combining laser, magnets and light is also a good option to use daily for several minutes (find out more here) to heal your cells and to help the work of the internal organs.

Juices and fruits

As we need vitamins and minerals, after the morning cleansing with warm water and alkaline liquids, we can drink some fresh, natural juices from fruits, roots and green leaves in order to support the organism. If we want to intake more fiber, it is recommended to eat the whole fruits. The best is to search for organic, naturally grown fruits. The carbohydrates and the vitamins will boost your metabolism and will feed the brain.

Cereals, smoothies and proteins

If we are still hungry or we have a long day ahead, we can eat some whole foods in form of cereals, different combinations of smoothies made from fruits, nuts and super foods. We can add some proteins if we like them or we feel the need, as the proteins will feed the muscles and they need more time to be digested.

The breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if it supports the body in its processes of cleansing and feeding, we will feel full of energy and life.

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Stress is the main cause of a long list of diseases, but what the stress really is? It is a condition that occurs due to released hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol and others which keep the body in a state of alertness as if in a dangerous situation.

However, we could feel stressed even if we are not in such a danger physically but if the emotional reaction is telling us that there is something threatening out there, the “stress” hormones will be created. Relaxation is the opposite condition in which the “happiness” hormones are produced, such serotonin, oxytocin etc. How to relax the body and the mind?


Deep breathing is the fastest way to calm down and feel relaxed, to release the tension that could have occurred due to an emotional reaction to a situation. Just observe your breath, follow it as in moves in and out through your nose. Inhale and count slowly, then exhale doubling the time needed to inhale. In several rounds, you will start feeling relaxed and it is easier to let go.


Listening to nice music that helps us to return to the state of harmony and joy, is a good way to relax as your mind and body will remember it. Every time when you play the same song, you will feel relaxed easily.

Moving slowly

In yoga, tai chi, dance and other practices we use the slow movement of the body in order to calm down the mind and to focus into the body and out of the head. Any kind of slow movement will help to feel relaxed as the tension is often stored in the body, the muscles will soothe and the breathing will become deeper.

Personal health device– a new technology

The newest health technology could assist the body in healing, relaxation and pain relief. It uses the combined power of a laser, magnets and light to gently help the tissue regeneration. Could be used on many points on the body, to find out more details follow this link.

Aromatherapy and power of the nature

Nature is giving us the flowers that smell so nice and delicious, leading us to the state of happiness easily, helping us to just close the eyes and fly into the dreams and imagination. That’s why aromatherapy is a beautiful way to feel relaxed, energetic and grateful.

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In order to feel healthy, our pH level (concentration of hydrogen ions in the body) should be slightly alkaline, or a little bit more that 7 which is considered neutral. Due to many factors as processed food, stress, not enough water and exercise, we might move to the acidic numbers and disease may occur.

Enough water and liquids

A good way to keep your body alkaline is to drink plenty of clean, fresh water, juices and green tea. It is better if the water is structured and energized, you could add lemon juice or ginger to it.

Green alkaline foods.

Adding some more green and alkaline foods to your diet is always a good idea as that is a form of prevention and also could help your healing if you are sick. The green foods are usually rich of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers, all of which are great for our body.

Take some power from the Avocado as it is rich in vitamins and “good” fat which will assist your body in many ways, help you lose or gain some weight if needed as the nutrients in it will boost your metabolism and regulate it.

We all know that Broccoli is very healthy and actually very delicious too. It is rich in fiber and sulfur which are great for the immune system together with the omega 3 acids and vitamin C.

Parsley, Spinach and other green leaves are also very alkaline and have anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues, they are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, will low your cholesterol and will boost your digestive system.

Another key way to make your body alkaline

Additionally, except changing your diet in order to make your body alkaline and prevent it from getting ill, you can use a new technology device that was invented to assist you in healing and supporting your healthy life. It uses the combined power of a laser, magnets and light and could be used as a pain relief and to boost all your systems. Find out more details here and take yours today here. It will regenerate your body very gently and is a very useful device to have which will help you feel better and healthier.

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