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Charlie Brown strikes a pose
I did a pose of this with the head the other way, but that struck me as odd - so I turned his head around and he looks a lot better. I don't remember why I thought of it, but I thought it would be funny to do a version of that iconic illustration of the lit...

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Choco Strawberry!
One of our favorite stock illustrations is the Chocolate Strawberry that Tracey did.  Can you believe this was done in Adobe Illustrator?  I think it's pretty crazy.  From where these programs were, to what they can do now, it's incredible. In the right han...

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Happy Pantry: eggstatic about Eggster, I mean Easter....
Easter is coming - and that always means two things.  People giving something up for Lent and probably cheating as often as they can on that, and eggs.  Lots of eggs.  It's something with the spring, and how every single creature on the earth is pooping out...

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Computer screen logos
I did some work for a company called Epek.  They wanted a series of icon/buttons. This page features two of my illustrations (the three on the left) - along with some reference to show how similar, but different they were. They didn't like any of them.

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Charlie Brown drawing
I thought this would be kind of funny. This was my first pass... I changed it around a little bit in the final line art.

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I was working on an illustration for our possible children's book.  We're thinking of an alliterative alphabet book as the first Happy Pantry book on the market.  We've finished almost half of the alphabet - and we're on L - so I was brainstorming things wi...

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toilet paper
There comes a time in a toilet paper roll's life when he realizes that things are going to get a whole lot worse... This is a small section in a bigger illustration.

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Happy Pantry: Coffee Time!
This is one of our original Happy Pantry images.  We knew we loved coffee and wanted to explore every aspect - starting with the containers that help us keep from being burned and help us transport said magic elixir from creation to our mouths.

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Happy Pantry: That's one chili pepper!
It's getting quite chilly again, and that necessitates the pulling out of heavy winter gear.  Even hot stuff like chili peppers have to bundle up. We usually refrain from the cheesy pink cheeks which seem to be very prevalent in kawaii illustrations - but t...

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Whatcha Eatin' Adelia?
 Whatcha eatin' Adelia? How rude! I was developing Adelia a few years ago as a cute penguin - and my version of Hello Kitty if I was to design a cute girl character.  I even got as far as development on a children's book as well as a handful of illustration...
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