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Real Life Wizard

As a child, William, preferred the company of nature over the mundane activities that most children did – baseball, basketball, soccer, football, etc. Many of his childhood friends would swear that the woods “came alive and changed” in his very presence. He became the guide for finding hidden places in the woods from caves to waterfalls, to lush green clearings, to cliffs where eagles and falcons called home.

For William, the trees whispered and animals told tales – from the scampering squirrel to the tweeting of a song bird. Everything had a life force – even a rock should be respected for its wisdom and strength.

His peers turned to him for advice and he freely gave it to all who asked and some that didn’t. Some, with religious roots, feared him but still sought his council when needed. He often could be heard speaking of faeries and other magickal beings, astral projection, and psychic visions, and spirit communication.

He had a very vivid dream that he was meditating in the woods and a group of riders on horseback approached – the sound of the hooves echoed in the ground and through his body. A vision of a stone with MYRDDIN appeared within his meditation. They were shouting, “Myrddin! Myrddin!”, but he did not answer for he didn’t recognize the name. When he came out of the meditation, he was surrounded by a large group of people, now chanting that name as they pointed to him.

He awoke with a start – this name  resonated with him, but for no apparent reason. When he typed the name in Google he returned a search result for Myrddin Wyllt which was also known by many other names – a prophet and a madman. The name is Welsh for a popular Wizard the world over, Merlin.

It’s still not clear what the connection between Myrddin and William is, if any. Some psychics have said that he is the reincarnation, but it matters not to William. It would, however, explain his deep connection to nature and moreover that time period.

He is in tune with consciousness and this has given him a profound universal understanding of life. As a strategist, he helps you clarify and subsequently develop an action plan to love the life you live. And as an Advisor, he helps you make those “tough” decisions, offers new perspectives, eradicate beliefs that no longer serve you, and so much more.

Constantine has become the go-to guy for mainstream celebrities and his life coaching messages have been re-tweeted by LeAnn Rimes, Andie MacDowell, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and featured on The Talk and Today show.

He has been a source for police departments, families of murdered and missing people. That talent has caught Nancy Grace’s attention featuring Constantine as an expert.

Constantine practices what he preaches, that one can heal from trauma. A foster care child that was bullied and abused within the system and by peers alike, Constantine spent three-years living in his car and on the street. He then shifted his negative thinking, and when he realized his spiritual capabilities, he revolutionized his life and the lives of others, helping them find their own peace.

Utilized as a source on numerous media outlets, Constantine also provides lectures, host’s workshops and speaks at seminars as well as private consultations.

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